Konstantin Biebl

Konstantin Biebl (26. February 1898, Slavětín - 12. November 1951, Prague, suicide) was a Czech poet. It visited the six-form high school, which it never terminated into Louny and went to Prague. There it had shortly thereafter as a soldier into the First World War. January 1918 it was hurt on the Balkans, taken imprisoned and condemned to death. However the escape succeeded to it.

After 1918 it studied on the medical faculty, terminated the study however likewise not. After 1934 it became member of the group of the Surrealisten in the Czech republic.


its first poems appeared in the magazine of the students of Louny a goal (Cíl). Its next works show the traces, which the war left, it are depressive. Works follow, affected by the friendship to Jiří Wolker and journeys. Its poems are directed, pazifistisch against war, in addition, fearfully, full future concerns. Its literary working began with proletarian poetry, affected by Wolker, over Surrealismus and poetism up to the social poetry. At that time it was member in the association of modern culture of nine-forces (Devětsil).

in Germany Plancius

  • appeared
  • Böhmi Paradies
  • with a dead meal


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