Konstantin Konstantinowitsch Waginow

Konstantin Waginow
Konstantin Waginow

Konstantin Konstantinowitsch Waginow (Russian КонстантинКонстантиновичВагинов, wiss. Transliteration Konstantin Konstantinovič Vaginov, actually Wagengejm/Wagenheim; * 4. /16. April 1899 in sank Petersburg; † 26. April 1934 ebenda) was a Russian poet.

Waginow became as a sonethnic Germans an officer family in sank Petersburg born. It followed in its hometown Leningrad first the circle of the Akmeisten around Nikolai Gumiljow , then the group of the Oberiuten around Daniil Charms and. A.

Konstantin Waginow is one of the most self-willed and most original representatives of the Russian modern trend.Its strategy of the poetic Verweigerung made it heavy to arrange the work of Konstantin Waginow.


  • support singing, (Козлинаяпеснь) publishing house Johannes long, 1999;
  • On the search for the singing of the nightingale, library Suhrkamp, volume 1094,
  • Bambocciade (Бамбочада, 1931), Reclam publishing house Leipzig

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