Konstantinos Kenteris

Konstantínos Kentéris (griech. Κωνσταντίνος Κεντέρης), with first name also Kóstas mentioned (* 11. July 1973 in Mytilene, Greece), is a Greek athlete.

earlier career

already early specialized Kentéris in the short-distance run over 200 and 400 M. Only 1999 participated the sport student for the first time in a more important international match. For general surprise it was able itself with the olympic summer games 2000 in Sydney qualify for the final over 200 m too. It won a running as glaring outsiders in 20.09 seconds before Darren Campbell (Great Britain) and Ato Boldon (Trinidad and Tobago).

In the year 2001 Kentéris repeated the victory in this discipline at the Leichtathletik WM 2001 in Edmonton (winner time: 20.04 s). 2002 it added its Palmarès the title over 200 m with the European championships in Munich in addition (19.85 s; Jahresweltbestzeit).

Outside of these large title fights Kentéris practically never participated in larger competitions, which let rumors over Doping develop. Thus it acquired itself the surname “invisible Adonis “. Likewise to talk its premature departure (alleged because of a heel injury ) from the Leichtathletik WM 2003 in Paris gave.

olympic summer games 2004

with the olympic plays 2004 in Athens Kentéris was considered to hope as the Greek gold medals - absolutely, why the 200-m-Finallauf was sold off as the first of all competitions. Also rumors, Kentéris circulated should as last torch/flare runners the olympic fire in the olympia stadium ignite.

When it was before the plays officially for training purposes in Chicago, it could not undergo of an arranged Dopingkontrolle, because it had returned prematurely to Greece and/or, to another version, because it had not been at all in the USA.

In the evening 12. August 2004 should be cited Kentéris as well as the Greek 100-m-Läuferin Ekaterini Thanou in the olympic village again to a Dopingkontrolle. These could not follow the two sportsmen, since they allegedly the way home were, in order to fetch “personal things”. Like however the Greek sport functionary Manolis Kolybadis to 15. August in the Greek private television “alpha” told, he reported to the two sportsmen when entering the olympic village of forthcoming control, on which these are come into panic (“they were like aufgescheuchte pigeons”).

Also them granted period of two hours, in order to retrieve the test, Kentéris and Thanou could be elapsed unused, there them in the meantime because of motorcycle - accident in hospital care had had to go. According to a Kommuniqué of the hospital Kentéris had suffered a centrifuge trauma as well as leg injuries.

However soon inconsistencies in this history became admit, since

  • one did not notice at the kiosk, which lies directly beside the alleged accident place, anything from this accident
  • at the police no accident message had died itself
  • in the proximity of the accident place a hospital rules, which both athletes went however into a hospital in completely different borough.

Still to 12. August called up IOC - president Jacques Rogge the internal Disziplinarkommission, to which the three IOC of executive members Thomas brook, Sergej Bubka and Denis Oswald belonged. The commission wanted the Greek athletes to 13. August in the morning agreement. Since Kentéris and Thanou could submit however a medical certificate, the examination became on Monday, the 16. August shifted.

There the proven, conscious Verweigerung is rated equal a Dopingkontrolle as positive control, would have this a two-year barrier and the immediate exclusion of the sportsmen concerned from the olympic plays to the consequence. The IOC Disziplinarkommission will have to examine now whether Kentéris and Thanou missed the Dopingtest, because they were not informed, or whether they extracted themselves from control deliberately. On recommendation of the commission the IOC executive will then seize a resolution.

To 14. August decided the Greek national olympic committee after heated debate with 5:1 against the voice of its president Lambis Nikolaou to exclude Kentéris and Thanou not immediately from the Greek crew but suspended the athletes only up to their hearing to 16. August.

This examination became then on the 18. August shifted. To 17. August avowed Kentéris when its dismissal from the hospital, it will disprove all reproaches on the next day before the IOC commission and will go to the start.

To 18. August, after which examination communicated, Kentéris however, it will go “out of sense of responsibility” not to the start and besides from its coach Christos Tsekos will separate.

acquietal with taste

seven months after the scandal with the olympic plays in Athens at the XX.XX.05 acquitted a family of five arbitral tribunal Greek athlete IC federation (SEGAS) completely surprising, with a dissenting vote, both Kenteris and Ekaterini of the Thanou of the reproach of the Dopings. According to an explanation of the federation the two Greek athletes could prove during the numerous hearings that they had not been ordered by the responsible persons of the world Antidoping agency (WADA) rule-fairly to a Dopingtest.

In contrast to it the committee imposed a four years old barrier against the coach Christos Tzekos unanimously. It was informed about the Dopingkontrollen and it missed to ensure that its favorites also appear there. „For a man, who worked its life long in the stadium, is a hard decision, which I accept, said however “Christos Tzekos, which was acquitted in the same judgement for lack of proofs by the reproach of the trade by Dopingstoffen. In the published explanation it meant that Kostas Kenteris and Ekaterini Thanou of to 12. August Dopingtest did not fix were informed and even only from that to media of it would have experienced. The motorcycle accident of the Duos in the evening concerned, which stands under the suspicion, to have been produced, remained unkommentiert in the explanation of the arbitral tribunal. The world union IAAF, accepted the grounds and did not go with the international sport Court of Justice (CAS) in appointment. 14.02.2006: The chairman Richter of the international sport Court of Justice (CAS), the Canadian Yves Fortier, withdraws himself from the procedure. It justifies the surprising step with continual attacks of the athletes and the Greek federation against it. The “case Kenteris/Thanou” becomes ever more an infinite history.


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