Technical designer

technical designer (franz.: Designer, inventor, Gestalter; further less common way of writing: Constructor) is a job title not protected in Germany.

Technical designer engineer or another technician is called, which exercises the activity of designing. Its task consists of it ideas, Considerations, principles, to develop computations and procedures and/or. to implement, which ensure the function of a technical product ( a machine or a building).

The ideas of the technical designer are preferably summarized in a draft, which is ever continued to optimize in the process of the development process. On basisthe draft technical designs and parts lists are made, which contain all material -, working on -, necessary for the manufacturing of the product , measure - and tolerance - of data.

Points of contact and overlaps are there for the field of activity of the Produktgestalters (designer). The emphasis of the work of a Produktgestalters lieshowever more within the aesthetic-artistic range. Also questions of the ergonomics are the center of attention here more. In certain ranges, like the entertainment electronics, the household technology and the photography method, a close co-operation of the technical designer with the Produktgestalter is a condition for successful products.

Nearly all industrially produced articles in our environment by technical designers were devised or supplied at least from vague ideas of a realization.

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