Construction process

under a construction process one understands a special process, whose process object represents a model, which follows within the functions an nature-arranging change of the condition experiences. The construction process is a part of the product development and its process object is the product model.

The construction as process marksthus in the technology, all ideas, considerations, principles, computations and procedure, which ensure the function of a technical product ( a machine or a building). Most clearly, if also not complete, these become in a draft in summary.

By designing one understands inthe technology, which sum of all activities, which lead to a documentation, which describes a new technical product completely and so its production line made possible. In addition considerations , concepts , computations, drafts and parts lists and designs of building groups and individual parts with material finally belong -, to working on-, Measure - and tolerance - data. This process follows the organization of the manufacturing, which as job planning is designated, but no more can be added to designing. In today's time takes place the activity of designing in ever stronger measure of the computer (see also: CAD). The board used in former times is replaced more and more by the screen.


just like the technology took during the last 150 years a rapid development, then in this time also the construction process changed:

  1. Around 1850 was the construction workshop-orients: So is for example T. Edison admits for its intensive laboratory work according to the method of trial and error.
  2. In order 1900 began to need the standardisation of the construction units with the advantage, now no more for each machine its own tool kit. (Nowadays those covers DIN - Standard scarcely 30,000 standards.)
  3. around 1925 was begun, which methodical procedure with the construction to teach (see also product development).
  4. Starting from 1960 it came by technical designers such as Konrad Zuse, which needed these as first for its computations computers and also equal designed,to the development of the computer-aided construction.
  5. Nowadays the products are modelled computer-aided over their complete product life cycle.
  6. In the future will a further Virtualisierung of the construction process expected, in order to become fair that more briefly becoming development time breakdowns.

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