Concert hall Berlin

Schinkels draft for the new Schauspielhaus
the concert hall
the concert hall

the concert hall Berlin was called formerly Schauspielhaus in the evening and by Karl Friedrich Schinkel in the time between 1818 to 1821 was established. The rectangular building lies transverse to the gendarme market (intermediate place of the academy)in the center of Berlin.

The building developed for the national theatre of Carl God hard long Hans , who at the 1 including its building of predecessors . January 1802 was opened and 1817 up to the outside walls burned down. The today's building became to 18. June 1821 with the premiere of the„That free contactor “opens and is considered as one of the most important buildings of the Schinkelzeit. The arrangement on the inside as well as the external's building with numerous plastics of composers come from Christian Friedrich Tieck and partially from Balthasar Jacob Rathgeber. The external's building is richly decorated with sculptures, which refer to the theatre: In the Giebel of the Portikus Niobe with their dying children, over it at the structure of stage Eros between psyche - shapes and at the roofridge Apoll with seizing reaching into bronze. At the Tympanonrelief of the south facade Orpheus Eurydike from the underworld gets. Onthe triumph course of the Bacchus and the Ariadne is represented to the north front, both by the way made of stucco. The originally cleaned fronts were later disguised 1883/84 with sandstone. On the inside the Schauspielhaus 1904/1905 experienced a larger change by Felix Genzmer. In the Second World War it burned toon the outside walls out and by the GDR only from 1979 to 1984 to the 750-Jahr-Feier Berlin again reconstructing one developed. First restoration work on the external reliefs took place already from 1996-99.

Today at least four play places with approximately 550 meetings per year are taped: Large hall, small hall,Werner petrol hall and music club. Citizen of Berlin symphony orchestra is since 1994 house orchestras of the concert hall.

At the place the following works were uraufgeführt (excerpt):


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