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cool DJ Herc (* 16. April 1955; actually Clive Campbell) is a US-American-Jamaican musician and music producer. It is considered as one of the pioneers of the Hip Hop into the 1970er years.

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cool DJ Herc and its music

thoseInvention of the Hip Hop

Herc originates from Kingston, Jamaica and pulled 1967 with 13 years to New York. There with it already took impressions of sound system, those in the homeland of the Reggae into the 1960er thoseRoads maintained. Its DJ-career began 1973 as party DJ on the birthday of its sister and further Privatparties. For the end of the same yearly it had its first professional appearance as cool DJ Herc in the club „Twilight zone “.

The models of cool Hercwere Disco DJs from the Bronx such as Grandmaster Flowers, Pete Jones, Amazing Birth and John Brown. It received however also in its homeland the development of the Dub, since Reggae was however unpopular in New York, began itto speak early about the instrument valley places of at that time popular pieces, whereby the RAP was born. He dedicated himself in addition the straight to arising pieces of radio in New York, which he integrated into his creations. Since the substations were relatively short, it began themto extend, by using two identical plates on two record players, and by Scratching and Cutting (an invention of DJ Grand Wizard Theodore) extended the instrument aluminum intervals. By not playing Songs any longer as a whole, but only of them dance-burst partsrepeated created it the prototype its that admits Hop music today as Hip is.

Its first Breakbeats - with it first at all admitted - originated from the pieces of It´s just begun from Jimmy Castor Bunch as well as Apache'" from the Incredible BongoRockers. Whether the invention of the word comes „Hip Hop “however from it is disputed, it frequently likewise DJ Hollywood and Lovebug star ski attributed. Apache to its theme song, followed of RWSsimilar announcements and announcements of its Herculoids.

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The Herculoids

its artist name it leads away 1973 from its pointed name „Hercules “, an allusion to its large and strong Statur. As Graffiti - Sprayer shortened it the name on “Herc” together and supplemented later the word “cool one”. Famousit was particularly for its block parties, whose face coined/shaped in the Bronx it. Its sound system was best according to statement of the listeners at that time with distance the most impressive and in the quarter. The low admission fee of 25 cent, the sound systemand its at that time singular DJ-Style led to it that its Parties were one of the few opportunities, to which inhabitants of the whole, at that time from internal conflicts and course disputes torn Bronx came.

On its block parties he worked quite soon with that MCCoke La skirt and RWSby Clak the Kent as well as the members Pebelee Poo, Sweet N' Sour, Timmy Tim, Tony D, imperially Jay Cee, who are added shortly thereafter, Clark Kent as well as smiley, which appear as a first woman as MC. This crew designated itselfafter Herc as The Herculoids.

1975 it started

high point of the career as DJ in the legendary club Hevalo. It presented further a mixture from the music of its origin country, Soul, radio and Discomusik . Together with Africa Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash, for which it was a model, belonged to Herc in addition to the first important block party - DJs of the Hip Hop Keimzelle Bronx. Above all the volume of its sound system became legendary and could also of Grandmaster Flash andBambaata not to be over-sounded.

Center of the 70's develops on its parties a dance style, which is likewise as BREAK thanks until today an essential component of the Hip Hop culture, it even called itself gladly as the oldest B-Boy new Yorks. In the discothequeThe puzzle presented Herc likewise and installed themselves there its own sound system. This consisted enormous bass boxes of two Gerard record players, a preamplifier and for conditions at that time. Africa Bambaata described the music of Herc as follows:

He just kept thatbeat going. He took the music OF like one twisting, like „Fencewalk “, certain disco records that had funky percussion BREAK like The Incredible Bongo Rockers when they came out with “Apache” and he just kept this beat going. It mightthat certain part OF the records that everybody WAITs for - they just their internal self go and GET let wildly. The NEXT thing you know, the more singer comes bake in and you'd WAD.“(from Poschardt: DJ Culture)

after the retreat

1978 pulled itself cool DJ Herc due to a hand injury, which he tightened himself in the club „Executive Playhouse “, from the music business back. Its retreat was very sudden and surprisingly. 1984hatte er seinen letzten öffentlichen Auftritt, in den folgenden Jahren machte er Schlagzeilen aufgrund vonDrogenproblemen, und er hielt sich als Lastwagenfahrer und Werftarbeiterüber Wasser. Only at the beginning of the 1990er years stepped it the public, among other thingswith an interview of the magazine The SOURCE in November 1993, where it should clarify the question about the actual inventor of the Hip Hop and the first rap DJ together with Grandmaster Flash and Africa Bambaata. it dipped 1994 together with that Publicly Enemy - DJ terminator X on its terminator X and The Godfathers OF Threatt/super bath and 1997 on the album Dig Your Own catches up the Chemical Brothers .

videos and DVDs

  • Hip Hop - A Street History


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  • Ulf Poschardt: DJ Culture - Diskjockeys and Popkultur, Rowohlt paperback publishing house Reinbek 1997

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