the expression copy (v. lat.: copia supply) marks a again made (material or immaterial) object, which agrees in its substantial characteristics with the origin object (original).

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certain objects being allowed or be only reduced copied. For example is copying money (counterfeit money) forbade in principle, also it is forbidden manufacturing a copy of a work of art which not when copy is recognizable (falsification).

Copying immaterial goods is regulated by the author, the mark as well as the patent law.


the copy of heiress formation is the basic principle of the Vermehrung of organisms. Errors with the copy are one of the bases of the evolution. Artificial copying of hereditary substance by means of the polymerase nuclear chain reaction is basis of many genetic procedures like e.g. that genetic finger mark.

copy of information

error, which develops when copying a copy, those possibly. a copy is even already, calls one generation losses. With a digital copy these do not come theoretically pre each copy are in their characteristics accurately identically to the original.

A special characteristic of the quantum information is that it cannot be copied, without destroying the original. This fact is basis of quantum cryptography.

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Legal meaning

  • manufacturing a copy (falsification) of money and stamp is a criminal offence (§146-152b StGB).
  • Manufacturing of a copy of in copyright matters protected works is in principle in the UrhG regulated.
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