Kopti language

the koptische language is the recent form of the Egyptian language.

koptische inscription, approx. 3. Jhd. n.Chr.

The Egyptian language forms its own branch of the afro asiatic language family, to which Kopti thereby also belongs.

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Kopti went to the Christianisierung Egypt in the 3. and 4. Century from that demo tables out. The koptische language remained also after Arab conquest still some centuries long everyday life language of Egypt, became however between that 10. and that 13. Centurydue to that substantial publicised Arabisierung to a large extent displaces and died as traffic language in 17. Century out, isolated however possibly held itself in Oberägypten up to the beginning 19. Century. Koptisch is used however today still in the service of the koptischen Christians as Sakralsprache. In the last decadesenjoys the language under young Kopten again of increasing popularity as indication of its special identity within the Egyptian society, so that today again more Kopten at least rudimentary knowledge of the language has. In the everyday life they speak however further Arab.

The old koptische language consisted of five dialects. The most important are Sahidisch in Oberägypten and Bohairisch in Unterägypten. These served also as literature languages. Achmimisch, Subachmimisch and Fayyumisch are locally limited dialects. The today's Liturgiesprache is based on Bohairi.

The Jesuit Athanasius Kircher published 1636 the first koptische grammar.

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Koptisch is written with its own writing, which was deduced from the Greek alphabet and extended by 8 indications demo tables of origin. Contrary to the demo tables so for the first time also vowels could be written, what today for the study of the discussion of the Egyptian predecessor languagesof importance is.


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