Korean air

Korean air
establishment: 1962
IATA - Code: KE
I.C.A.O. - Code: KAL
call signal: Korea air
seat: Seoul, South Korea
firm structure:
Alliance: Sky team
fleet strength: 116
goals: national and international goals

Korean air is an internationally operating South Korean airline with seat in Seoul. The airline was created 1962 as Korean air Lines/KAL, decreases/goes back however to the Korean national airlines of 1947 .

1984 took place renaming in Korean air.

Hard the airline at the 1 was met. September 1983: The Soviet Air Force shot 747 , flight KAL007, the Korean air with Sachalin a Boeing gotten off the course; all 269 passengers died thereby.

A co-operation exists with delta air LINEs, air France/KLM, AeroMexico, Northwest Airlines, Continental and Alitalia in the context of the Skyteam.

The flights of the Korean air carry the contraction and/or. the IATA code KE and/or. the number 180 as so-called. Prefix of the ticket number is placed in front. With international connections the flights to Korea with straight numbers and the flights are designated abroad with odd numbers.

The freight enterprise of Korean air was classified with 8.164 billion FTK (freight ton kilometer) as world largest commercial freight enterprise of an airline.

air targets

most important spider is Seoul. From here all international goals are approached.


Korean air
Hangeul: 대한항공
Hanja: 大韓航空
Romanisierung revised: Daehan slope gong
McCune Reischauer: Taehan slope gong


Boeing 737 the Korean air



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