base data
administrative seat Korfu
surface 641 km ²
height Ioni sea
Pantokrator (906 m)
inhabitant 113,000 (2001)
population density 176 Einwohner/km ²
ISO 3166-2 GR-22
FIPS - code -
Kfz characteristic IO, IN (old characteristics,
still in the employment)
the PZx, KYx (K erk y RA)
Municipality number 22xx
prefectures 1
urban municipalities 13
rural municipalities 3
preselection 030-266x0
postal zip code 49x xx
: Korfiotisch,
Korfioten (inhabitant)
Website www.corfu.gr
(English and Greek)

Korfu (Greek Κέρκυρα, Kerkyra) is second largest the northernmost and the sieved Ioni islands of Greece. It lies in the Ioni sea, which part of the Mediterranean, which in the north the Adria follows. Korfu is thereby approximately on height of the Italian “boot paragraph” and approaches in the north up to2 km of the Albanian coast. Due to the vegetation quite sumptuous for Greek conditions it “the green island” is also called. There is an international airport as well as a university, at history, music, languages as well as library - and Archives nature to be taught. Korfu ranks among the wealthiest regions in Greece. The principal place is the city Korfu.

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  • length: 85 km
  • broad: 18 km
  • surface: 579 km ²
  • highest mountain: Pantokrator, 906 m
  • inhabitant (island): 113.000 (2001)
  • number of inhabitants (city): 45.000 (2006)
  • dominating restaurant factors: Olive oil and tourism
  • population density: 176/km ² (toComparison: Germany 230/km ², Japan 235/km ²)
  • currency: Euro
  • international airport code: CFU
  • geographical situation: 39° 50´ to 39° 20´ northern latitude and 19°40´ to 20°10´ of eastern length.
  • Telecommunications:
Karte von Korfu


  • federal highway 24, W, Zen.
  • Federal highway 25, Cen., S, SO

important one today's cities

  • Korfu
  • Roda


Meteorological data January February Mär April May June July August September October November December
Ø sun hours/day 4 5 7 7 9 10 12 11 9 6 4 2
air [°C] 14 15 16 19 23 28 31 32 28 23 19 13
13 14 15 18 22 23 24 23 21 17 14 Ø rain days 13 11 9
7 5 2 1 1 5 9 12 15 [ work on ] current weather
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Korfu is a popular routistic holidays goal with many hotels and camping sites. Beside the traditional target groups Korfu is interesting also for education tourists. There are several seminar houses, which are also German led on the island.The main host of visitors in the season come from neighbouring Italy. An internationally well-known golf course (18-Loch par 72-Parcour) is opened from April to Octobers. Apart from the usual tourist catering trade there are also still native, traditional taverns. On the summit of the Pantokratorsnow lies, there is also a Wetterstation in the winter. The airport Korfus is approached during the tourism season from Germany, depending upon starting airport, Tuesday and/or Saturday. The flying time amounts to approx. 2 hours starting from Munich and approx. 3 hoursstarting from Hamburg. During the season there is frequently particularly favorable load minute of offers , particularly for individual travelers, after Korfu who book only the flight and agreed upon a private accommodation (punctual). It gives particularly in the Nebensaison,like nearly everywhere in Greece, a great many possibilities, of living also without previous reservation privately. Outside of the season fly only line companies over Athens to Korfu (Lufthansa / Olympic airlines). With the journey with the passenger car or the motorcycleover Italy different ferries can be used from north to South Italies. A yachting port (Marína) is in Gouviá, about 7 km von Korfú City far away. There boats can set on firm bars and swimming gene up to 1.000. The couch placestake up boats with up to 80 m length and 6 m depth .

lives on Korfu

the cost of living are for instance on German level, particularly in Korfu city partially somewhat more highly. The located ones in the larger placesspeak something English, German are rather rarely understood. The supply on the island is good, it gives in each middle place a buyer shop and not completely so frequently a gas station. The gasoline is of medium quality, superplus givesit rarely. In the meantime also 2 large food markets of a very well-known German these COUNT are on Korfu - chain establishes, with business-typical offer and native articles. This has the supply situation for individual tourists with that partially. high retail prices in Korfu city substantially changes.

The shipping companiessell also “quasi” - tickets, with which German long-term tourists can prove that they implemented their vehicle after three months once from Greece. This is a condition, in order to be allowed to drive with foreign permission there. The permission of its own vehicle is for foreignersmuch complicates. The real estate prices on Korfu correspond for instance to those a German town.

The medical supply is good on Korfu. There is still 6 German-speaking physicians as well as a German-speaking child physician in Acharavi beside the general hospital in the capital.In addition there is a very good private hospital, which is convenient between port and airport. With German health insurance and foreign health insurance there are no financial difficulties with the account. Before smaller emergency OPs one needs to have also no fears there.

Otherwisehave all Greek and foreign citizens, who are active in Greece, a national insurance protection. The supply can be divided in two categories: The primary supply of the national insurance and the secondary private supply, like one it usually in private practices as well asfinds to the capital. No presenting of the personal patient booklet is necessary partly even in emergencies, if the patient is not stationarily treated. This applies to all persons, who are in Greece, not only to Korfu.

objects of interest

Der Strand von Glyfada auf der Insel Korfu
thoseIsland Korfu (beach of Glyfada)
garden of the Achilleon
terrace of the Achilleon
  • the Achilleion, a mansion of the empress Elisabeth of Austria (Sisi), gladly on Korfu was
  • the monastery Pondikonissi on the so-called. “Mouse island”
  • the bay with the monasteryfrom Palaiokastritsa
  • the moving ways to the Pantokrator with traditional tavern 3 km before the summit
  • the beach of Glyfada
  • the oldest village of the island Palaia Peritheia
  • the island Vidos is just opposite from Korfu city. There is a Serbian of warmausoleum from that 1. World war, in that were bestattet 3,000 soldiers and in the available bay “blue grave place” approx. 20,000 Serbs their last Ruhestätte found.



the Greek name Kerkyra received thoseIsland of the legend after of the Nymphe Kerkyra, which was brought by the sea God Poseidon on the island. Phaiakas, the child of this connection was therefore the ancestor gentleman of the Phäaken, a hospitable people, that the hero Odysseus on itsJourney after Ithaka took up.


by rising the sea level was separated Korfu before approximately 9000 years from the mainland. Hunters and collecting tanks settled the island in the Neolithikum; in the Bronzezeit the island was again settled.

Work on []

Antique ones

Greek settlers from Erithreia created in 8. Century v. Chr. the first city. They called their settlement after their divinity Kérkura Corcyra and/or. Kérkyra. End 7. Century took over Kolonisten from Korinth power on the island.In a powerful sea-battle succeeds separating Kérkyra from the supremacy of the Korinther. Kérkyra becomes the sea power.

480 v. Chr. if Korfu placed the second largest fleet of the Greeks, 60 ships, did not take however actively at the war against thosePerser part. The historian Thukydides sees one of the causes for the outbreak of the Peloponnesi war in the conflict between Korfu and Korinth around the city Epidamnos and the protection alliance, which the Athener Korfu granted.

In 4. Century v. Chr. stretchthe Korfioten their influence on the mainland out. Occasionally they occupy Butrint, an important Polis of the Chaonier.

In the brightistic time (starting from 300 v. Chr.) independence Korfus was threatened. The island becomes from adventurers from Syrakusattacked, and Macedonian kings, followed of illyrischen Piraten use the island for booty courses against Roman trading vessels.

In the consequence of the war of the Romans against the illyrische queen Teuta Korfu becomes the first Roman province in Greece. Korfu is laterPart the Roman province Macedonia, in augusteiischer time we the island of the province Epiros slammed shut.

In the 3. The holy Jason and Sosipater Korfu the Christianity bring century.

the Middle Ages

from 395 belong to Korfu to the eastRoman realm.The island becomes from the Sarazenen, and in the 11. Century of the normannischen duke Robert Guiscard conquers. In the consequence 4. Crusade arrives Korfu after 1204, under the rule the poet of Epiros, 1267 at the Kingdom of Neapel, to in14. Century the Republic of Venice Korfu conquers. Cultural influences of the western Feudalherren connect themselves with the native Greek-orthodox traditions to their own culture.

modern times

of 16. up to 18. Century is Korfus history of the wars alsothe Turks coined/shaped. They plündern the island, but the old fortress and Angelókastro defy them. The Venezianer arranges the removal of the wine gardens and planting of Olivenbäumen . After the end of the Republic of Venice France 1797 takes the Ioni islandsin possession. Short time (1798 - 1807) was Korfu Russian protectorate. Afterwards again a French period follows (until 1814).

1815 became Korfu part of the republic of the Ioni islands under British protectorate. In the British timea large part of the modern infrastructure develops, how that 700 km long road system, which ranks among the closest in completely Greece. To 21. May 1864 becomes Korfu part of Greece.

During the 1. World war was Korfu 1916/1917 seat that Serbian government-in-exile, 1917 the pact was closed here from Korfu to the establishment of a Yugoslav Federal State.

In the Second World War Korfu city was heavily bombarded later by the Italians and by the Germans and partly destroyed.

A battle on Korfu became evenon a modern Russian coin (in silver) perpetuates.

since 1960

by the arising mass tourism the purge is stopped after the war. 1994 are Korfu host of the summit of the European Union - member states.


in the GreekMythology is Korfu the island Scheria, on which Odysseus before its final home coming strands after Ithaka. The inhabitants of the island, the Phäaken under king Alkinoos and princess Nausikaa, take up the unknown Fremdling hospitably. In the course of the guest meal givesOdysseus to recognize and tells itself the history of its erring travels.

Also Medea and Iason find on their escape from Kolchis on Scheria Unterschlupf.


a majority of the population belongs to the Greek orthodox faith. Showing thoseto the 600 larger and smaller churches on the island. Also some smaller monasteries exist. The most important thing is that one with Palaiokastritsa. The portion of other religious communities is minimal, however 14 exists since that. Century a catholic ore diocese on the island. Inthe city Korfu also a British cemetery exists, where both the British in the colonial age are buried and to today remaining Protestanten their burial places have.

agio Spiridonas

on Korfu are the Gebeine of the holy one Spiridonas, the Schutzheiligen of the island. The Gebeine of the holy Spiridonas is in Korfu (city) in the church of agio Spiridonas. A great many men on the island Spiros baptized which the male short form from Spiridonas is. By thoseAcceptance of the name the boys are to be placed under a special protection of the holy one.


the island Korfu for political arrangement together with the small neighbouring islands Paxi (Παξοί), Antipaxi (Αντίπαξοι), Othoni (Οθωνοί), Mathraki (Μαθράκι) and Errikousa (Ερρεικούσα) the prefecture Korfu (Νομός Κέρκυρας), which is part of the administrative region of the Ioni islands for its part. The city Korfu is capital both the prefecture and the administrative region.

The prefecture Korfu is in 13 urban municipalities (δήμοι/dími, singular δήμος/dímos) and 3rural municipalities (κοινότητες/kinótites, singular κοινότητα/kinótita) arranged. On the island Korfu are appropriate for 12 urban municipalities, on the neighbouring small islands urban and three rural municipalities.

there are

administrative structures in Greece the autonomy of municipalities only since 1982. The state was administered before central from Athens. It is therefore for the Greek local administrations still relatively heavy, with the again assigned tasks (like z. B. Building and administration of kindergartens, the water supply or the garbage disposal andto come their financing) by right. Many ranges of the local administrations are regulated already today by European-wide valid laws. The land registries in Greece is at present in the structure and exist so far only in some areas (z. B. on Kos, Korfu andin some districts in Athens).

The two tax offices of the island take over tasks, which are noticed separately into Germany von Finanzamt and Stadtverwaltung. To the competencies of the office (Δ.Ο.Υ.) belong among other things:

Two hospitals are on the island, one in Korfu city, which builds others, from German architects, with Gouviá.A list with German-speaking physicians is down linked.

list of the municipalities

Municipality number of inhabitants 1 YPES number seat postal zip code preselection
urban municipalities (dími)
Achiliis (Δήμος Αχιλλείων) 10,319 2602 Vrioni 490 84 26610-39
of agio Georgios (Δήμος Αγίου Γεωργίου) 4.958 2601 Agros 490 83 26630-7
Korfu (Κέρκυρα/Δήμος Κερκυραίων) 39,387 2607 Korfu 491 00 26610
Esperii (Δήμος Εσπερίων) 8,136 2604 Velonades 490 81 26630-7
Feakes (Δήμος Φαιάκων) 6,488 2616 Ypsos 490 83 26610-97
Kassiopi (Δήμος Κασσωπαίων) 2,787 2606 Kassiopi 491 00 26630-91
Korissi (Δήμος Κορισσίων) 5,206 2608 Argyrades Kerkyras 490 80 26620-5
Lefkimmi (Δήμος Λευκιμμαίων) 6,704 2609 Lefkimmi 490 80 26620-2
Melitiis (Δήμος Μελιτειέων) 6,690 2611 Moraitika 490 81 26610-7
Palaiokastritsa (Δήμος Παλαιοκαστριτών) 4,395 2613 Palaiokastritsa Lakonon 490 83 26630-4
Parelioi (Δήμος Παρελίων) 7,197 2615 Kokkini 491 00 26610-9
Paxi (Δήμος Παξών) 2 2,438 2614 Gaios 490 82 26620-3
Thinalion (Δήμος Θιναλίων) 5,512 2605 Acharavi (Αχαράβη) 491 00 26630-63
rural municipalities (of kinótites)
Erikoussa (Ερρεικούσα/Κοινότητα Ερεικούσσης) 698 2603 Erikoussa 491 00 26630-7
Mathraki (Μαθράκι/Κοινότητα Μαθρακίου) 297 2610 Mathraki 491 00 26630-71
Othoni (Οθωνοί/Κοινότητα Οθωνών) 663 2612 Othoni 491 00 26630-71
entire 111,975

1 conditions 2001.
2 covers beside the island Paxi (Παξοί) also the island Antipaxi (Αντίπαξοι).

important addresses and telephone numbers

  • German consulate, 57 Guilford STR., Corfu 49100, Tel.: +30 26610 31453

acquaintance personalities

further pictures

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coordinates: 39° 37 ′ N, 19° 49 ′ O


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