Cork (nature)

Querschnitt durch Johannisbeerrinde mit Korkschicht
cross section by Johannisbeerrinde with cork layer

as cork is designated into the Botanik the cell layer between crust and wood.

In the everyday life use the term the product of the crust of the cork oak is named. See corks as well as useful plants.

half peeled cork oak

cork becomes since that 2. Century n. Chr. in Spain and/or. the Roman province at that time Hispania and today particularly in the south of Portugal cut and processes. It serves particularly for the production of bottle cork, only the remainders from this feeds further branches of production. The remainders are following stuck together husbands and (agglomerate cork) and to find v.a. in in the industry of building materials as insulating material and as floor covering, in addition, within countless other ranges use.


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