of these articles is concerned with the corps as military federations. An article to student connections is under the keyword Corps.

A corps (franz.) is a military major unit of the army from several divisions and/or brigades and additional corps troops. The personnel extentamounts to today approx. 40.000 to 80,000 men.

Nowadays corps are partly only operational planning and operations staffs. They usually lead two to three divisions. In the case of defense they are subordinate to integrated staffs of NATO. The corps are carriers of the multinationality (for example euro corps) andmake a contribution for alliance integration.

As Kommandierender general functions under normal conditions a “3-Sterne general “(lieutenant general, in Switzerland commander of corps), in the German Federal Armed Forces because of the smaller meaning in the new army structure often also a major general.

The superordinate unit of a corps is the army, the subordinated unit the division.

It gives infantry - and to tank corps (PzKorps), whereby sometimes the latters have partly also infantry divisions and first also over armored divisions.


original knew the term corps of any size a formation of special unitsdesignate. The modern organization into army corps has its origin with Napoleon Bonaparte. There were infantry corps from several infantry divisions as well as a Kavallerie - and to an artillery reserve and a Kavalleriekorps from several Kavalleriedivisionen.

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