Kosenamen are usually assigned among persons, in a close relationship to stand to each other (as fell in love, married couples or parents and children).

Sometimes a Kosename is derived from a Verballhornung of a regular name . Similarly as with pointed names the Kosename can be won also as transmission of an associated characteristic. Usually here the associated characteristic is however positively occupied.

If one would not like to annoy its partner with a Kosenamen, one should absolutely give consideration to its reaction, because not each humans like the same Kosenamen.

In addition most humans insist on it (particularly with failed Kosenamen) the fact that Kosenamen are not used in the public since this often as an inadvertent revealing private feelings is felt.

Table of contents

most frequent Kosenamen

of the classical authors under the Kosenamen is an inquiry according to 2005 treasure. The further most popular names differ after the sexes:

of men for Mrs.

  1. Schatz
  2. mouse
  3. angel
  4. Mausi

of women for men

  1. treasure
  2. hare
  3. Bärchen
  4. Hasi

general collection

the following list can be not complete and should not naturally, because gives oneself mutually, dependent on own creativity and preference , sometimes very failed Kosenamen particularly freshly fell in love; therefore this list is to give only an overview of the most usual Kosenamen.

  • Bar, Bärchen, Bärli, humming bear, Glücksbärchi, Honigbärchen, Knuddelbär, Knutschebärchen, Purzelbär, Schnuffelbär
  • baby, tiger baby
  • thickness/thick/Dickerchen
  • angel, close moose
  • Fee, Zauberfee
  • gold treasure
  • hare, Hasi, rabbit, Hasibär, Hasibärli, hare foot, Hasipup (i)
  • heart sheet, sweet heart
  • Honigkuchenpferdchen
  • heart queen
  • witch, Hexi
  • pretty one/pretty
  • Kätzchen, Katzischatzi
  • of small/small ones/small
  • Knuddel/Knuffel, Knuffelchen
  • queen
  • Krümel, Krümeli
  • Kuschelbär, - maus/i
  • favourite, dearest one/dearest
  • Honigmäulchen
  • mouse, Mäu, Mausilein mouse bear, Mausebärchen, mouse sparrow, Mausispatzi, charm mouse
  • prince/princess, dream prince
  • Pupsi, Pupsimausi
  • ruby
  • treasure, Schatzi, Schätzchen, Schatzispatzi
  • Schmusebärchen, - more kater, - tiger
  • snail
  • Schnucki, Schnuckiputz, Schnuckiputzi, sweetheart, Schnuckimausi
  • Schnuffel (chen)
  • sparrow, Spatzi
  • star, asterisk, meteor, Sternschnuppi
  • Strubbelchen
  • of sweet/sweet one/sweet
  • teddy, Teddybär
  • tiger
  • Zottel
  • sugar snail, - schnäutzchen

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