Krafft of Crailsheim

Friedrich August Ernst Gustav Christoph Krafft count von Crailsheim (* 15. March 1841 in Ansbach13. February 1926 in Munich) was a Bavarian politician.

It studied in attaining and became there member of the Corps Onoldia, as well as at the Universities of Leipzig, Zurich. After conclusion of its studies he became a Bavarian civil servant. 1880 became Krafft count von Crailsheim Minister of the royal house and the exterior and took over after Lutz' death 1890 the presidency of the Council of Ministers, which he held until 1903. 1895 it in addition realm advice of the crown Bayerns became.

Together with Lutz it played a relevant role with the joggle of king Ludwig II., which brought in also a short detention for it. He became a close advisor of the prince regent Luitpold.


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