the claw (lat. Unguicula) is, a curved skin formation at the toes and fingers (front toes), grown from horn, with vertebrate animals, like amphibians, reptiles, birds and many mammals. Claws belong to the things of appendix of skin. The claw is the nail of humans and anthropoids and the hoof and/or. the claw of the hoof animals homologous.

Similar organs however are the claws of eddy lots.


the knöcherne basis of the claw is the distal finger and/or. Toe member (Phalanx distalis), also as claw leg (OS unguiculare) marks. Because of the border to the normal skin a deeply engezogener crease at the claw back (Vallum) is. In this recess the leather skin possesses fine Zotten, whose epidermis coat forms the main part of the horn wall (so-called. “Crowning horn”). In the wall range of the leather skin finest lamellas are to be found, which provide for the anchorage of the claw shoe. At the small roundish sole a soft horn is formed.

Krallen der Katze
Claws of the cat

with cats are mostly in a skin bag hidden the claws. This results from the fact that a flexible volume (Ligamentum dorsale longum) withdraws the claw passively. An auxiliary volume (Ligamentum dorsale breve) ensures with the fact for the fact that the claw is led past laterally the middle toe member (“claw mechanism”). By course of the deep bend chord can the claws will drive out. By this mechanism the cat claws remain sharp also when running. Besides cats constantly sharpen their claws by removing the lateral superficial situations of the horn wall after.

On the other hand the claws are abraded with most other claw-basic mammals when running. With many domestic animals the normal claw abrasion is no longer ensured, so that the length growth of the claw exceeds the abrasion. In this case the claws must be shortened (claw cuts).

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possess wolf claw [

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] of birds most birds only at the toes. At the fingers only run birds carry ( e.g. with the rezenten birds. African bunch, Emu) claws.

Birds use their claws, in order to find when landing or holding at trees firm stop. Above all grab birds use their claws also, in order to catch booty animals to hold and kill.

Also with Ziervögeln often a regular claw cuts is necessary, since the natural wear is not given.

eddy lots

with Web spiders is the development of the Tarsus (Web spider) as Trionycha (three-claw spiders, Trionycha) or Dionycha (Zweikraller or two-claw spiders) of crucial importance of usually different ways of life. To the Dreikrallern most net-building kinds belong. Zweikraller however possess Setae instead of the central claw and are usually actively hunting kinds like the Springspinnen. The evolutive development and final organization of the genuine Web spiders in Dreikraller or Zweikraller are still unclear thereby.


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