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Landkreiswappen des Landkreises Kreis Bergstraße
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Lage des Landkreises Kreis Bergstraße in Deutschland
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Hessen
Regierungsbezirk: Darmstadt
administrative seat: Heppenheim
surface: 719.54 km ²
inhabitants: 266.587 (30. September 2005)
Population density: 370 inhabitants for each km ²
circle keys: 06 4 31
Kfz characteristics: HP
circle arrangement: 22 municipalities
of the district administration:
Gräffstrasse 5
64646 Heppenheim
E-Mail address:
land advice: Matthias Wilkes (CDU)
Lage des Kreises Bergstraße in Hessen

the circle mountain route is a district in the governmental district Darmstadt, Hessen. Neighbour circles are in the north the districts large Gerau and darmstadt the castle, in the east the desert forest circle and in the south the Rhine-Neckar-region of Baden-Wuerttemberg and the city Mannheim. In the west the Rhine forms the natural border to Rhineland-Palatinate. On the left of the Rhine the circle-free city Worms lies.

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a part of the circle lies in the desert forest, the other one is in the lowlandses of the Upper Rhine and belongs partially to the hessian Ried. Name-giving the mountain route , a routistic route, is which leads pointing hole from Darmstadt to the south until in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The northern part of this distance leads by the circle mountain route.


the mountain route is a tourism region. In addition, with the quite mild climate tobacco and excellent wine are cultivated. At the mountain route internationally acting enterprises are settled such as Ciba sports club (Lampertheim), Langnese Iglo (Heppenheim), SAP SI (Bensheim), Sirona (Bensheim), Suzuki (Bensheim) and Tyco Electronics (Bensheim).

the federal motorways A 5 Heidelberg darmstadt, A 6 Kaiserslautern Heilbronn , lead traffic by the circle area A 67 Mannheim darmstadt and A 659. Furthermore the circle area is opened for 3 Heidelberg darmstadt , B 37, B 38, B 44, B 47 and B 460 by several federal highways and circle roads, among them B.

The public local passenger traffic in the circle is together with the other districts of the Rhine Neckar triangle in the traffic group Rhine Neckar (VRN) organized.


the area of the circle mountain route partly belonged 1800 ago to cure Mainz and to the Kurpfalz. To the realm deputation main conclusion 1803 it came at Hessen darmstadt, the later Grand Duchy of Hessen. Here the administrative districts Bensheim and Heppenheim developed within the province strong castle. 1938 was combined both circles to the “circle mountain route”. With the circle reform the circle mountain route was again slightly changed. In addition until 1945 the württembergische bath Wimpfen belonged as Exklave to the circle mountain route.

coat of arms

Landkreiswappen des Landkreises Kreis Bergstraße

Geviert: On the left of above in blue, a silver tin tower on silver mountain (= „the “ strong castle, one of the formerly most important attachments of the region, today ruin); on the top right in silver a red fünfblättrige bloom with golden Butzen (it stands for the bloom variety in spring); left down in silver a red nail pointed cross (coat of arms of the monastery Lorsch); right down in blue the hessian lion (coat of arms animal and/or. Landmark of Hessen). (Coat of arms permission 27. October 1954)

cities and municipalities

(numbers of inhabitants to 30. June 2005)


municipality-free area

  • 1. Michelbuch (resident population belongs to the city Neckarsteinach)


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