Circle Detmold

the circle Detmold is a former district in the governmental district Detmold in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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  • district town: Detmold
  • Kfz characteristic: DT


the circle Detmold developed due to the local reform 1932 in the Free State lip. It was educated from a combination of the former office districts Detmold and Blomberg with the up to then office-free cities Blomberg , horn and Schwalenberg. The administration of the new circle was formed in the city Detmold, which did not belong for the time being as circle-free city yet to the circle area. 1934 followed also the integration Detmolds into the circle.

The Free State lip went due to the British military regulation No. 77 of 21. January 1947 in the country North Rhine-Westphalia up, so that also the circle Detmold came to North-Rhine/Westphalia.

To the 1. January 1970 into North-Rhine/Westphalia the municipalities were again arranged. The city Lügde and the municipalities resin mountain and Kempen - field Rome come to the circle Detmold in the exchange for the lippische Exklave Grevenhagen, which was assigned to the circle Höxter.

The circle went to the 1. January 1973 by combination with the circle Lemgo in the context of the circle reform in the today's circle lip up. Detmold becomes seat of the district administration. Some few municipalities came to the circle Paderborn.


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