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Kreiswappen des Kreises Gütersloh Lage des Kreises Gütersloh in Deutschland
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: North Rhine-Westphalia
governmental district: Detmold
landscape federation: Westphalia lip
administrative seat: Gütersloh
surface: 967.19 km ²
inhabitants: 352.979 (30. June 2005)
Population density: 365 Einwohner/km ²
circle keys: 05 7 54
Kfz characteristics: GT
circle arrangement: 13 municipalities
of the district administration:
Herzebrocker road 140
33334 Gütersloh
E-Mail address: Form on circle
land advice: Sven George Adenauer (CDU)
Lage des Kreises Gütersloh in Nordrhein-Westfalen

the circle Gütersloh is a circle in east Westphalia lip, in the northeast of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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circle arrangement

The circle Gütersloh consists of thirteen municipalities . Nine lead the title „city “. From these the three cities are Rheda Wiedenbrück, guessing mountain and lock get Stukenbrock middle one circle-belonging of cities, since their numbers of inhabitants lie in each case between 25.000 and 60.000. ThoseCity Gütersloh is large one city circle-belonging, since their number of inhabitants lies over 60.000.

The following list enumerates the thirteen municipalities of the circle Gütersloh alphabetically with official names. The numbers of inhabitants - in parentheses - are of 30. June 2005 (source: National office for data processing and statistics North Rhine-Westphalia).

  1. Borrow-wood-lives, city (8.711)
  2. Gütersloh, city (96.243)
  3. resounds (Westf.), city (21.271)
  4. Harsewinkel, city (24.241)
  5. heart breaking into clear wood, municipality (16.039)
  6. long mountain, municipality (8.305)
  7. Rheda Wiedenbrück, city (46.329)
  8. guessing mountain, city (28.720)
  9. Lock get Stukenbrock, city (25.975)
  10. Steinhagen, municipality (19.869)
  11. Verl, municipality (24.678)
  12. Versmold, city (21.036)
  13. value ago (Westf.), city (11.562)

neighbour circles

the circle Gütersloh Osnabrück borders and on that in the north on the district of Lower Saxony Circle Herford, in the east to the circle-free city Bielefeld and to the circle lip, in the southeast to the circle Paderborn, in the south to the circle Soest and in the west to the circle goods village.

Regional reorganization

the circle Gütersloh developed in the course of the circle reform to the 1. January 1973 from the before existing circle Wiedenbrück and the circle resounds. In addition the new circle became the newly formed city Harsewinkel from the circle goods village as well as the municipality Lock get Stukenbrock from the circle Bielefeld assigned. The latter was 1970 by combination of the municipalities lock got and sends (both circle Wiedenbrück) and Stukenbrock (circle Paderborn) in an educated manner and at that time still existing circle Bielefeld assigned. The new circleGütersloh consists thus today of thirteen cities and municipalities. It had first its seat in Rheda Wiedenbrück, but moved the district administration 1997 after Gütersloh .

The two old circles Wiedenbrück and developed 1816, as the state Prussia its provinces at that time resounds(here the province Westphalia) in governmental districts and circles divided.



CDU SPD the GREEN FWG/UWG FDP ödp entire
2004 29 16 5 5 4 1 60

(conditions: Local election to 26. September 2004)


the circle Gütersloh is agriculturally coined/shaped in far parts. The largest employers in the industruiellen and commercial sector are

In the circle Gütersloh generally, particularly however in Versmold settled numerous meat-processing enterprises.

Most persons employed of the processing trade in the circle Gütersloh workaccording to the IHK east Westphalia in the following industries (conditions: March 2006):

  • Mechanical engineering (13,600 persons employed)
  • nourishing trades (of 8.200)
  • metalworker certifications (of 6.000)
  • furniture (4.700)
  • paper and Druckgewerbe (of 4.000)
  • wood trades (3.200)


the motorway a2 (Dortmund - Hanover) is in the circle Güterslohto reach by means of the Anschlusstellen Gütersloh and Rheda Wiedenbrück, the motorway A 33 (Bielefeld - Paderborn) over the ramps lock get Stukenbrock and Stukenbrock/Senne in the south and borrowing wood living in the north. In addition by the circle area important and strongly frequented runFederal highways B55 (Niederrhein - east Westphalia lip over long mountain and Rheda Wiedenbrück), B61 (Ruhr district - Bremen over Rheda Wiedenbrück and Gütersloh), B64 (cathedral country - resin over heart breaking into clear wood, Rheda Wiedenbrück and guessing mountain) and B68 (old citizen cathedral country - Being citizen Börde over resounds (Westf.)).

In addition different railroad lines come, among other things the main route of Berlin in the Ruhr district (Cologne Mindener railway) as well as the Haller Willem, an predominantly single-railed Nebenstrecke from Bielefeld to Osnabrück. The Teutoburger forest railway (TWE) driveson the distance Ibbenbüren - Hövelhof goods traffic.


daily papers

in the circle Gütersloh appear new Westfäli (particularly present strong in Gütersloh themselves), the bell (particularly present strong in the south circle) and the Westphalia sheet, in regionalExpenditures e.g. as “Versmolder indicator” or “Verler newspaper” appears. In the north circle (, Versmold, resounds Steinhagen, value ago) the Haller circle sheet is common. In the extreme south of the circle (guessing mountain) also the daily paper of the Patriot erscheindende in Lippstadt is read.

city magazines

Up to the municipality borrowing wood living city magazines appear and/or in all cities and municipalities of the circle. Indicator sheets, which are distributed free of charge to the households or laid out in business and which about local of events and meeting dates to inform:

  • Gütersloh: GT-info.,, Bonewie, thatIsselhorster
  • resounds: Haller Willem
  • Harsewinkel: Market place Harsewinkel, Ems courier
  • heart breaking into clear wood: Market and municipality
  • long mountain: Trend
  • Rheda Wiedenbrück: The local call
  • guessing mountain: Rietberger city indicator
  • lock get Stukenbrock: Senne forum, the city indicator, city journal of sports club
  • Steinhagen: Steinhagener shop window
  • Verl: Verler magazine, Verler life
  • Versmold: Versmold experience
  • value ago: Value agoAktuell


Der lokale Rundfunksender heißt Radio Gütersloh, produziert tagsüber mehr als sechs Stunden eigenes Programm mit Nachrichten und Reportagen aus dem gesamten Kreis Gütersloh und schaltet ansonsten in das Rahmenprogramm von Radio NRW. Local messagethere is clock once per hour from 6:30 to 19:30. The transmitter is too received in the circle area over the UKW frequencies 107.5 (transmitter Oelde - current mountain) and 106.8 (transmitter borrowing wood living) as well as over the cable frequency 97,2.


an open channel forGütersloh there is not the circle. Local news becomes in the WDR - transmission “OWL up-to-date” in the context of the TV-magazine “current hour” reports.


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