Circle Waldbröl

the circle Waldbröl is a former district in the governmental district Cologne in the Prussian Rhine province, for which 1816 from the Grand Duchy of mountain , here the canton Waldbröl in the Arrondissement victories, controlled French from 1806 to 1814 , developed Département victory.

To the circle the Bürgermeistereien at that time Dattenfeld (today municipality wind-hit a corner ), Denklingen (today municipality realm yard ), Eckenhagen (today municipality realm yard), Morsbach (today municipality Morsbach ) and Waldbröl belonged (today city Waldbröl).

1913 knew land advice Gerdes the emperor Wilhelm II. welcome in Waldbröl.

1932 were dissolved the circle Waldbröl, he was together put with the circle Gummersbach to the Oberbergi circle, whereby the office Dattenfeld (today municipality wind-hit a corner) had to be surrendered to the circle victory castle.

See also: Gummersbach, Waldbröl


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