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Land of the Federal Republic: Upper Austria
political district: District Kirchdorf at the Krems (AI)
surface: 42 km ²
inhabitants: 6.450 (15. May 2001)
Height: 384 m and. NN
postal zip code: 4550
preselection: 07583
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 48°03 ′ 18 " N, 14° 07 ′ 51 " O
48° 03 ′ 18 " N, 14° 07 ′ 51 " O
municipality code number: 40907
administration: Market municipality Kremsmünster
town hall square 1
4550 Kremsmünster
E-Mail address:
mayor: Franz Fellinger (ÖVP)

Kremsmünster is a market municipality in upper Austria in the district Kirchdorfto the Krems in the trusting quarter with 6.450 inhabitants. The responsible court district is Kirchdorf to the Krems. The Benediktiner pin Kremsmünster which is in the municipality is old over 1200 years.

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Kremsmünster is on 384 m height in the trusting quarter to the Krems. The expansion amounts to from north to south 8.9 km, from west to east 9.5 km. The total area amounts to 42 km ². 16.2% of the surface are wooded, 71.9%the surface are agriculturally used. Local parts of the municipality are: Outer one, Dehenwang, you mountain, Egendorf, Feyregg, dug, Guntendorf, Hehenberg, holy cross, helmet mountain, Kirchberg, Kremsegg, Kremsmünster, Krift, Mairdorf, Oberburgfried, Oberrohr, pounding village, Regau, apron village, Unterburgfried, Wolfgang stone.

coat of arms

official description of the municipality coat of arms: In green blacker, red more reinforced,jumping up Eber with silver Hauern and catch teeth, perforates from a golden, broken Jagdspiess in red, bleeding wound.


the Benediktinerstift Kremsmünster became in the year 777 by the Bavaria duke Tassilo III.based. Originally lying in the East part of the duchy Bavaria, the place belonged sincethat 12. Century to the duchy Austria. Since 1490 it the Principality of “Austria whether the Enns” is added. While the Napoleoni wars was several times occupied the place. Since 1918 the place belongs to the Land of the Federal Republic upper Austria. After the connection of Austria to the German Reich to 13. March1938 belonged the place to to “gau upper Danube”. After 1945 the re-establishment of upper Austria took place.


mayor are Franz Fellinger of the ÖVP. The local council has 31 members (17 ÖVP, 8 SPÖ, 4 FPÖ, the 2 GREENS - since 28. September 2003)

Inhabitant development

1991 had the municipality according to census of 5,963 inhabitants, 2001 then 6,450 inhabitants, of it 811 foreigners (12.6%). The increase corresponds to a plus of 7,9% opposite 1991 with approx. 200 Nebenwohnsitzen.

worth seeing

pin Kremsmünster (with pin church, observatory, art collections and so-called. Mosque),Rococo church Kirchberg, Kalvarienbergkirche, church holy cross, museum of musical instruments lock Kremsegg, community centres (bes. Gentleman Mr.)

the Benediktinerstift became in the year 777 by the Bavaria duke Tassilo III. of the sex of the Agilolfinger based and consists continuously for over 1200 years (apart from the abolition by the LV regime 1940 - 1945).Pin leads a steeped in tradition school and possesses precious collections, among other things a painting collection and a baroque library (with approx. 150.000 volumes, among them numerous handwriting and incunabula). The so-called. “Observatory” (or: “Mathematical tower”) accommodates the oldest stationary Wetterstation of Europe and the scientific collections of the pin. Hereworked among other things the astronomer Placidus Fixlmillner.

the Gunthergrab, a Kenotaph from white Nagelfluh, is crowned by a cover plate with the figure of the dead Gunthers and is in the ringing house of the pin church. The cover plate originates from the time 1304 agoand places Gunther, the sayful son of the Bavaria duke Tassilo III., that, which establishment legend of the Kremsmünsterer of pin according to, into which forests to the Krems with the hunt by a wild Eber deadly one wounded. To feet on a cushion of the resting and in Roman tube garbwrapped Gunthers rests the Eber, with the lance in the body, and the hunting dog Gunthers, which is to have sought out him. Particularly remarkably is above all the strong color design, which kept good.

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