Cross newspaper

the cross newspaper was called actually „new Prussian newspaper ", however after the iron cross in the title „cross newspaper " was generally called. It was created 1848 of gentleman Mr. Wagener as organ of the Christian-conservative around the brothers Leopold and Ernst Ludwig von Gerlach and Hans Hugo of Kleist Retzow. Ernst Ludwig von Gerlach wrote here over one decade monthly to quarterly his political „round-looks ". Beside it supplied in particular Friedrich Julius steel much-considered contributions. Further coworkers were Philipp angel hard of Natick (since 1848) and Adolf stone (approx. 1890er years).

Their most famous coworker was Theodor Fontane (of 1856-1870). From 1860-70 it drew up „the English article ". " At that time George Hesekiel, author of uncounted märkischer novels cared for „ the French article (see. Discussion: Cross newspaper). A further coworker was Hermann Goed, also it an author of many, certainly rather kolportagehafter novels and considerably jointly responsibly for the spreading of the anti-Semitic world conspiracy legend. Of 1872 - 76 was Philipp of Natik Ludom editor-in-chief.

Fontane characterizes the cross newspaper environment in the description of its attitude discussion with the editor-in-chief inimitably plastic: „Into the sofa cushion the iron cross was eingestickt, while from the black Bilderrahmen a Christ decorated with the thorn crown down-looked on me. “ (In: “From twenty to thirty “in 7. Chapters of the section about the tunnel over the Spree) it defends the editorship nevertheless, by stressing, it no Byzantinismus and Muckertum there also found, and the word Julius of steel quotes: “Is still not my Mr. forgotten wir's, also the most conservative sheet more sheets than conservative.” (a lance for the liberty of opinion)

to 29. The national socialists the readers of the newspaper divided August 1937 lapidary with: „With the today's day we took over ‚the cross newspaper `“. The last expenditure appeared to 31. June 1939.

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