War propaganda

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By war propaganda one understands purposeful launching of facts, half truths and untruths, around

  • the acceptance (support; To increase war loans etc.) of a war with the own population,
  • the moral of the opposing troops and/or. to undermine the opposing population,
  • in order to increase the international acceptance of a war.

Besides there is during a war “atrocity propaganda in such a way specified”, in order

  • to increase the combat will and the Rücksichtslosigkeit of the own troops, those against an allegedly scruplesless enemy a “fair” war with a hardness leads (Flächenbombardements, atom bomb releases, torture, napalm employment etc.) was otherwise perhaps refused,

there war at least since Clausewitz as continuation of the policy (and/or. , it is understood to have political propaganda) with other means democratic societies of substantially difficult war readiness to produce as totalitarian, this output situation was the basis of war propaganda.

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the Egyptian Pharao Thutmosis III. becomes, there he 1468 v. Chr. the battle of Megiddo won, as the first field gentleman of history seen. This view we owe to its propaganda, it in rock chisels left and those there the time outlasted. The Greeks had a outstanding war correspondent with Homer also, but the battle around Troja took place 250 years later. About 1400 v. Chr. conquered the Mykener Crete, this battle is just as few delivered (at least is still no voucher) as the conquest of the Peloponnes taken place probably before by the Minoer. Since that 16. Jh. already a strong influence on the Greek mainland with the center Mykene is provable (therefore also of the kretisch mykenische culture one speaks). Mythologisch is even clearly recognizable this control in the legend of Theseus and Ariadne.

The minoische culture maintains however as large sea and trading nation also active connection to frontasiatic cultures, particularly to Egypt and suspects Cyprus and the Kykladen to have controlled. Crete exported into these countries Amphoren with olive oil, small doses and pots with medical ointments and pastes, with the excerpts of kretischer herbs enriched was or finest containers with perfume oils, e.g. with the desired iris oil. They are not only in Egypt but also on Cyprus, on the Kykladen in Syria and in Milet. The Kreter settled also there or worked as artists and craftsmen in the Nile delta for the Pharaonen of the Hyksos. Thus is not clear whether it conquests were those the traces in Greece and on the Kykladen produced.


the First World War

at this time war propaganda was not yet very sophisticated. Substrate were primarily posters, in addition, films and pictorial material were already used. In addition institutions served like “were propaganda office” in Great Britain or the “Maison de la press” in France. In the USA already few days accepted the “Committee on after the war entrance 1917 publicly information” (CPI) its work as central propaganda place. In them the pressing and branches of propaganda were united.

During the First World War the war-prominent parties accused themselves mutually unbelievable Kriegsgräuel. For example that the opposing party civilians the hands and/or. Chopped off lower arms, in order to hold this over the edge of the contactor ditch to lure itself apparently resulted in to and near-storming soldiers hereby into the trap.

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in the First World War


  • work on] of Iraq wars during the second Gulf War over a medium agency, Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait babies from the incubators would have torn. The international proclamation over this alleged Gräuel of the Iraqi Kuwait Besatzer was large. This story than purposefully turned out many later falsified.
  • At the beginning of the third Gulf War stated the USA, which had Iraq weapon of mass destruction, why it is necessary, to attack the rogue state. The statement launched world-wide turned out as wrong.

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