the crisis (Greek κρίση, krísi, in former times also κρίσις, krísis - originally the opinion, evaluation, decision, later more in the sense of the taper) designates a problematic, decision situation linked with a turning point. “Crisis” is both in that Medicine and in the sociology a technical term.


the term „crisis “developed from the Greek one „krínein “, „separates “(Hermann, 1969 after “Designing and evaluation Games and simulation. A Process Approach ", M.Gredler, 1992) and „krísis “, „decision, crucial idiom “(Duden) and means one„difficult situation, time, those the height and turning point of a dangerous development represents “(Duden). The fact that it concerns here a turning point can be stated however often only, after the crisis was turned away or terminated (Gredler, 1992).

The Chinese word for „crisis “means interestingly enough on the one handDanger, on the other hand in addition, opportunity (“individual and Group Learning in Crisis simulation”, E. Borodzicz, 2002. Other interpretation of the Chinese character combination: Dangerous opportunity (no contrast between danger and opportunity) = dangerous situation - see comment to this article). Also finch sees the crisis not assomewhat necessarily negative. It defines crisis from the point of view of the economy as everyone „prodromal situation " (= phase the warning signals for the occurrence of a crisis contain, note of the authoress) which the danger saves:

  1. it zuzuspitzen itself in such a way that she becomes with difficulty controllable,
  2. suspicions of the mass mediato pull or the government on itself
  3. to impair the regular business activity.

(“Crisis management. Planning for the Inevitable ", S.Fink, 1986, S.15).

Characteristics of a crisis are after Norbert Viennese and Herman punt (1962 after Gredler, 1992) an urgent necessity for action decisions, by the decision makers a noticedFeeling of the threat, a rise at uncertainty, urgency and time pressure and the feeling, the result are from coining/shaping influence on the future. In addition the decision makers have it with incomplete or falsified information to often do (Gredler, 1992).

In the concept „of the critical situation “everyone may not critical situation with a crisis to be equated. Crises consist generally however of an accumulation of critical situations. It means critical here that it acts over for the further process of the total process crucial phases. Critical situations can be planned thereby, be foreseeable, or occur completely unexpectedly.

psychological crisis

a psychological crisis or crisis situation is in the psychology and psychiatry a painful mental condition caused by a surprising event or an acute happening, which develops if itself a person obstacles on the way to the reaching of important life goals orand this with the usual problem solution methods faces with the everyday life accomplishment to master cannot.

A crisis in this sense expresses itself as sudden or progressive narrowing of the perception, the value systems as well as action and the problem solution abilities. A crisis questions past experiences, standards, goals and values andhas often for the person a threatening character. It is temporally limited. The Psychoanalytikerin Verena Kast presents a crisis model, which places the creative potentials of the crisis process into the foreground. It implements here that it with the most different crisis types (growth crises, maturing crises etc.) a typicalProcess gives. This can be represented in some phases and makes possible for the aid/advisor/therapist a fast diagnostic evaluation. (Verena Kast, the creative jump, Munich 1987) as with all phase models the treating/companion of the index person must realize themselves that phase models are in each case a theoretical approximationmake possible to the observed situation. The concerning will not linear go through the phases during its crisis process here, but also will experience backward steps.

In crisis situations it is to be gotten helpfully to support. That can be the discussion with familiar ones and friends or visiting a professional aid.The latter is indispensable, if the concerning does not find a way out of its situation and it cannot develop any new strategy for problem solution. Here danger for “soul and body” threatens.

A crisis service, the day and night are available, e.g. are. the Telefonseelsorge. There can alsoAddresses by advisory boards to be locally inquired. A possible Folgereaktion can be with an appropriately not mastered crisis the post office trauma tables load disturbance (PTBS).

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