of these articles is occupied with the city Kristianstad. For the municipality of the same name see Kristianstad (municipality).
Kristianstad< /td>


Coat of arms

Lage von Kristianstad in Schweden</td> </tr>

Base data< /th>


Province (län): </td> Skåne län< /td>


Historical province (land cape): </td> Preserve< /td>


Municipality (kommun): </td> Kristianstad< /td>


Number of inhabitants: </td> 31.592

(2000)< /td> </tr>

Surface: </td> 1,737 hectares< of /td>


Kristianstad (German Christian city becomes outdated) is a city in the north of the historical Swedish province care. In the city liveabout 31,500 humans. Kristianstad is principal place of the municipality of the same name.


Kristianstad became 1614 of the Danish king Christian IV. based, after Swedish troops under Gustav II. Adolf the old city Vä in a war course had down-burned.

In17. Century had it great importance as Danish border attachment against Sweden. When with the peace from Roskilde 1658 care, Blekinge and resounding and to Sweden had to be surrendered, Kristianstad lost this strategic meaning and won as commercial town at influence.

Since 1719Kristianstad was capital of the province Kristianstads län, which was folded up 1997 with Malmöhus län to Skåne län.

objects of interest

city centre of Kristianstad

worth seeing are among other things the well received town centre, which one still the former meaning asFortress regards, and the Heliga trefaldighetskyrkan (holy Dreifaltigkeitskirche). Between 1618 and 1628 after plans of the architect Hans Steenwinckel D. J. delighted church is one of the most important examples of the Protestant Sakralbau, its principles it with its outstanding proportions, thatprobably in special way fulfills weighed out play between light Fensteröffnungen, decorative details and above all the space experience made possible by the slim granite columns.

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