Kronberger painter colony

the Kronberger painter colony was one of the earliest painter colonies in Germany. She was brought 1858 by the painters Anton citizen and Jakob fear God Dielmann in crowning mountain /Taunus into being. One first, to which it copied the two, was Philipp trunk.

Citizen and Dielmannin their artistic work of William Leibl and with it were given also a connection to the school of Barbizon and Gustave Courbet were affected. In the time, in which the “Naturalisten” left its studios and painted EN pleine, it pulled also many artists into the cityin the Taunus. There was predominant pupils of the Städel institute for art in Frankfurt. Teachers pointing the way there were among other things The Jakobs Becker and Heinrich Hasselhorst, which likewise stood for this painter colony close.

A uniform adjustment of a common style did not give itself it, like probably nevertheless many the landscapes - and Category painting dedicated. The influence of the “school of Barbizon is noticeable, but into “the realistic Landschaftsdarstellng the” straight light effects was enormously continued to develop.

The connection of the individual artists to crowning mountain was very different. Some established themselves for the remainder of their life in crowning mountain, otherslived only for a certain time here. Some came over years regularly into the spring or summer to longer stays into the Taunus. The long existence of this painter colony is probably to be due to the nearly already family co-operation and handling of the artists among themselves. There was no anyCompetition pressure suspended and everyone could profit from everyone.

After the death of its married man Friedrich III. to 15. June 1888 withdrew itself empress Victoria (empress Friedrich) to its widow seat lock Friedrichshof into crowning mountain. There the hobby painter up to its death lived to 5.August 1901. In this time she estimated her meetings with different artists and the artistic exchange in the painter colony much.

important Kronberger artist


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