the cryptology is the science of the coding and the decoding of information as well as the analysis of kryptografischer procedures for the purpose of the evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses.

It covers thereby the following areas:

the coding can be based thereby on different structures of the language: During in the early phase likes to the cryptology the coding (coding on word level) was, won late ciphers (coding on indication level)at meaning. Also modern kryptologische algorithms operate either on byte - (therefore indications) or even on bits - level. From reasons for performance with software implementations usually byte - point and with hardware implementations bits - is preferred wise a processing of the data, there thoserespective operations are faster.

In former times texts had to be en and decoded laboriously by hand. In 20. Century electromechanical coding machines were invented, one the most well-known were the German Enigma. Today this work is taken over by computers.

After the cryptology in former timesalmost exclusively for the military a role played, holds it nowadays also for introduction into civilian ranges. Particularly in the Internet is the safe transmission of information, like z. B. Passwords or credit card numbers, essential become.

Up-to-date used (strong) coding algorithms (z. B. RSA, AES) are considered as extremely safe. With their assistance coded data can be decoded only at enormous expenditure without the appropriate key. A cryptanalysis of such procedures is, if the key is accordingly complex, even for prosecution authorities or secret servicesoffering no prospects. That applies however only on the assumption that these institutions did not solve secretly the underlying mathematical problems (in case of numbers large of RSA the efficient factorizing).

Many governments, under it Iraq, Myanmar, the People's Republic of China, the USA and France, want to forbid coding ineffective or make. They fear, criminal ones or government critics could communicate in this way, without this by them can be controlled. Opponents of these measures criticize however the restriction of the fundamental right on privacy, accompanying with itthe word, there it - with the help of technical measures (see Echelon) - for a state today is possible to supervise entire electronic communication of the population.

In the vernacular can be somewhat kryptisch, if it illegibly, with difficulty understandably orappears senseless.


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