Kuang Abhayawongse

Kuang Abhayawongse (* 17. May 1902 in Battambang (Kambodscha); † 15. March 1968) was between 1944 and a 1948 prime minister of Thailand.

Kuang was born in Battambang, in the today's Kambodscha, and was the son of Chao Phraya Abhayahubet (Chum Abhayawongse), the governor of the province Battambang, which belonged at that time to Siam, and Khunying Rod Abhayawongse. He married late Khunying Lekha Abhayawongse.

Its training received Kuang at the Devasarin school and at the Assumption college in Bangkok. It continued its training in Lyon , where it studied to the Ecole Centrale de Lyon engineering science.

After its return to Thailand he worked in the telegraph department as a deputy chief engineer. In the course of the time he transferred further tasks and the director telegraph department was finally appointed.

During 2. World war received it the rank of a major, there it an obligation to the guard of the king Rama VII. had taken over. The king lent also the rank of a Luang Kowitabhayawongse to it. During the governments of Phraya Phahon Phonphayuhasena and Plaek Phibulsongkram he became a Minister. Finally the parliament at the 1 selected it. August 1944 to the prime minister, after it had rejected the laws over the province administration of Petchabun and for the establishment of the park Putthamonthon, brought in by Plaek.

Major Kuang was one the founder of the democratic party of Thailand and its first chairman. To 6. January 1946 won the party in a landslide-like choice success numerous voices, which help Kuang to a second term of office.

Its largest success was the state of peace between Thailand and the USA as well as Great Britain. This made possible substantially improved diplomatic relations with the allied ones.

To 8. April 1948 was forced major Kuang to the resignation, in order to make for Plaek possible a renewed term of office.

Kuang Abhayawongse died to 15. March 1968 at the age of 66 years.

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