of these articles treats the baking commodity cake. For the municipality of same name in Baden-Wuerttemberg see cake (municipality).
Ein frischgebackener Kuchen aus der Springform
A freshbaked cake from the jumping form

cake belongs to the baking goods. It is out baked paste an existing food - and/or. Luxury, usually of sweetTaste.

The cake paste consists depending upon prescription of flour, sugar, bonding agent (z. B. Egg) as well as fat (butter or margarine), a liquid (milk, water or fruit juice), flavours (z. B. Baking oil) and a propellant (baking powder or yeast), which is blended with one another.

Depending upon region and give it the most different kinds of cakes added. A cake from several layers is called cake.

Cakes are offered in baker's shops and confectioneries by the piece or generally speaking for the purchase. For weddings, birthdays andother causes are manufactured on order also special productions with special labels. Finished cakes are increasing also in the shelves of supermarkets.

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a tree cake
French chocolate cake to New Year

(designations vary regionally)

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