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probably only in the late 20's the 20. Century developed word creation of culture-creative serves creative active persons as comprehensive term for all artistically and culturally, producing or reproducing.

to term history

the term of “culture-creative” was used first in the 20's in the Weimar Republic, is also nowadays used later in the national socialism, and immediately after its end also in the Soviet zone of occupation (SBZ) and in the GDR and. In all totalitarian systems was connected the use of the term with the definition of politically social tasks of the “culture-creative” (in favor of the respective system). Thus it meant in the reason of the law over the mechanism of the realm culture chamber in September 1937: “The task of the state is it to fight within the culture harmful forces and promote valuable, after the yardstick of the sense of responsibility for the national community. In this sense the culture work remains free. Probably however it is necessary [...] to combine the works on all their areas under the guidance of the realm into a uniform will organization. “ Ín of the SBZ saw in April 1949 announced “regulation over preservation and the development of the Germans [!] Science and culture…” among other things the supply of two convalescent homes “for scientists, artists and culture-creative” forwards and specified at the same time their return for such “Obhut”: “The suggestion [...] for the increase of the activity of the culture-creative, writers and artists [...] is approved of.” The Leipziger Duden of 1951 provided the keyword “culture-creative” with a footnote: “linguistically more correctly: culturally the work ". But that was possibly only one reaction on the fact that W.E.Süskind had assigned 1946 in the “transformation” the “culture-creative” the “dictionary Unmen”. The footnote did not appear in the following Duden editions any more. After 1990 the society for German language counted the “culture-creative” to the survivable GDR-specific words.

literature data

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