Culture donation of the federation

the culture donation of the federation or federal culture donation is 2002 a created donation of the federation with seat in resounds (Saale).

Table of contents


the donation is to promote art and culture according to statute in the context of the competence of the federation, which differentiates it from the culture donation of the countries. The emphasis is on innovative projects in the international context. Many promoted projects are to be seen therefore in Germany and abroad. The promotion of projects, which take place only abroad, is not possible.

project promotion

within the range general promotion can request each (all the same whether from Germany or the foreign country) financial promotion for projects, if these with the objective of the donation in the agreement stand. The project promotion takes place over the following categories:

of programs

over the permission of promotion funds outside topics selected by the federal culture donation in own initiative changing programs for are developed. With it cultural and artistic impulses are to be brought into important social discussions. Beside long-term programmes to topics such as migration or for the meaning of Albert Einstein or Friedrich Schiller the federal culture donation dedicates itself to the following four points of program at time:



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