Kumba Ialá

Kumba Ialá (* 15. March 1953 in Bula) was from 2000 to 2003 a president of Guinea-Bissau.

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early years

Ialá originates from the region Cacheu in the west Portuguese Guinea at that time and belongs to the Balanta, which place about a quarter of the population. It followed as a young person of the movement of independence PAIGC . It studied theology in Lisbon, later also philosophy and jurisprudence. Ialá speaks Portuguese, Spanish, French and English and can latin, oldGreek and Hebrew read. A time long it was active as teachers.


1987 he was director/conductor of the delegation of Guinea-Bissau with the ceremonies to 70. Anniversary of the October Revolution in the Soviet Union. Two years later it was excluded from the unit party at that time PAIGC, because it demanded a democratization. 1991 and 1992 he was involved in the establishment of opposition parties. After it had separated from its past party, it created to 14. January 1992 the Partido para A Renovação Social (PRS). At the 3. July 1994 for the first time free presidency elections took place. In the first ballot the president governing since 1980 reached João Bernardo Vieira 46.2% of the voices, followed from Ialá with 21,88%. To 7. August 1994 triumphed to Viera with 52,02% during Ialá 47.98% received. Foreign observers called the choice correct, Ialá raised objection however in vain against the result. It accepted the result to 20. August, rejected however a participation of its party in the government.


after the civil war of the years 1998 and 1999, that with Vieiras fall ended to stood as a candidate Ialá again and reached to 28. November 1999 with 38,81% the first place, followed of transition president Malam Bacai Sanhá of the PAIGC. In the second ballot of 16. It triumphed to January 2000 with approximately 72% of the voices and became to 17. February 2000 as a new president swears in.

Ialá did not succeed it during its term of office to revive the economy of the country darbende since the civil wars. It accused the government of the Gambia of, that threatened revolting groups in Guinea-Bissau to support and, the country too “zerschmettern”. On Ialás arrangement numerous oppositionals were arrested, to who he accused oppositional activities.

It gave several Putschversuche against it, under it the rebellion of Ansumané Mané, to the initiator of the civil war of 1998. The rebellion ended after some days with death Manés. Ialá, which governed increasingly authoritarianly, shifted several times the parliamentary elections planned for 2003. To 14. September 2003 was fallen Ialá by the chief of staff of the army , Veríssimo Correia Seabra. It was first arrested and placed then under house arrest. He had to do formally without the presidency and to promise a five-year Abstinenz of the policy.

further career

in the apron of the parliamentary elections in March 2004 became Ialá from the detention to dismiss. Its party PRS became with the elections strongest opposition strength. In March 2005 its party nominated it despite the five-year prohibition of political manipulation as a candidate for the presidency elections. The highest court permitted its candidacy. Abroad and at the United Nations Ialás renewed course caused concern in the policy and its following activities some around the future stability of the country.

In the middle of May explained its office renouncement of 2003 for futile, which did not have further consequences except smaller demonstrations of its trailers to Ialá. At the end of May occupied it with armed Gefolgsleuten for four hours the president palace, the conflict could peacefully be solved. With the elections of 19. June 2005 it reached the third place with 25% after the former presidents Viera and Sanhá and separated from running. Again it contested the result without success, with demonstrations of its trailers gave it several dead ones. It accepted its defeat last and expressed themselves for Viera, that the ballots to 24. July won and since that 1. October 2005 again president is.

Ialá is considered as highly gifted Demagoge, its brand name is a red Zipfelmütze.

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