Kung Fu

of these articles treats falsely the term Kung Fu used in the west for the Chinese combat arts. For the TV serial of the same name see Kung Fu (TV serial), for the volume Kungfu (volume).

Kung Fu (chin. 功夫, Gōngfu, W. - G. Kung Fu „something by hard/patient work achievement “) is used in the west as a name for the Chinese combat arts.

In China is gōngfu no name for the combat arts, but a name for an ability, which one compiled by hard effort.This can refer to the combat arts in addition, to any other learned ability. The combat arts are normally named in China the term Wushu.

Into the 1970er years became the term in the United States of America through Hong Kong - films (Eastern) popular, later also by the TV serial “Kung Fu”.


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