Academy of arts Duesseldorf

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academy of arts Duesseldorf
rector: Markus Lüpertz
year of the foundation: 1773
place: Duesseldorf
(North Rhine-Westphalia)
courses of studies:
Specialist areas:
registered students: 371 (WG 2004/2005)
flächenbez. Study places:
Woman ratio:
of it scientific
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Website: the academy of arts

today's national academy of arts Duesseldorf is a steeped in tradition German academy of arts in the North-Rhine/Westphalian state capital Duesseldorf.

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the academy of arts developed 1773 as Kurfürstlich Pfälzi Academie of the painters, sculptor and architecture from around 1762 the indication school justified by Lambert crow (1710 - 1790).

Since during the napoleonischen wars the kurfürstliche picture gallery was brought to the old academy from Duesseldorf to Munich (1805/06), decided the Prussian government 1819 as remuneration the rereason as royal-Prussian academy of arts. As a first director Peter von Cornelius (1783 - 1867) was appointed. The training enterprise began 1822. After Cornelius' way course to Munich in the year 1824 followed 1826 William of Schadow (1788 - 1862) coming made of Berlin as a new director. Under its auspice (until 1859) the academy developed to an institution of international rank. With it connected yourself since the 1830er years the term of the Düsseldorfer in such a way specified painter school, which however over the actual circle of the academy teachers and - pupil outside is enough. Particularly the landscape painting, in addition, the category, enjoyed a outstanding call; Numerous painters from Scandinavia, Russia and the United States of America came to the training to Duesseldorf.

Into the 1960er and 70's came it to larger conflicts between professors of the university and Joseph Beuys, it even a communist manifesto against it was written. Johannes Rau led a legal argument as a Secretary of cultural affairs with Beuys around its notice because of its occupations of the secretariat with rejected students.

Annually to the end of the winter semester the academy loads to the Rundgang in. All classes present their artistic work to the public.

directors and rectors

August von Wille, Brand of the Düsseldorfer academy

acquaintance professors and student


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