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Kurd letting leaving, actually Carl Theodor Victor Kurd letting leaving, (* 20. April 1848 in Breslau, † 17. October 1910 in Gotha) a German writer was, scientist (mathematician, physicist, geographer). It published also under the alias Velatus and is considered as a founder of the German-language Science Fiction.

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letting leaving studied mathematics and physics and became after his graduation (to 1873 it attained a doctorate with a work” over drops, onfirm bodies hang and the force of gravity are subjected “.) 1876 Gymnasiallehrer in Gotha. Here it informed among other things Hans Dominik. 1884 it was appointed as the professor.

Letting leaving is considered as one of the fathers of the modern Science Fiction. It wrotein addition and also a critical expenditure of Gustav Theodor Fechner (founder of the Psychophysik) worked on books concerning physics, theory of knowledge as well as concerning Immanuel Kant. Differently as Jules Verne and more strongly than harsh ore George Wells used Kurd letting leaving the SF above allfor instructing and criticizing purposes. Its future drafts are more courageous than the works of its two colleagues and contemporaries, because they continue to extend into the future. Therefore it pushes also (according to own statement) always the borders „with today's termsExplainable one. “ Its novel “on two planets” belongs to the most important and best German Science Fiction novels.

Its society-critical texts came to a large extent into oblivion, after they had been forbidden by the national socialists. Its role as a father of the German Science Fiction took over thereupon Hans Dominik, its teacher letting leaving on the High School was.

The Kurd letting leaving price, a price for German-language Science Fiction, was designated after it.


  • of pictures from the future. 1878 (two narrations from that 24. and 39.Century)
  • Seifenblasen. 1890 (modern fairy tales)
  • on two planets. 1897 Download as pdf
  • realnesses, 1900 (contributions to the world understanding)
  • never and always. 1902
  • religion and natural science. 1904 (a lecture)
  • Aspira. 1905 (novel of a cloud)
  • the universal library. (Narration) http://gutenberg.spiegel.de/lasswitz/univbib/univbib.htm

as book appeared 1998 to 150. Birthday leaving in the military cock publishing house Laatzen. ISBN 3-932324-99-4


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