Briefly Blaum

briefly Blaum (* 1. April 1884; † 26. November 1970) was a German politician of the CDU.

Blaum studied law in Kiel and Strasbourg. After an activity as a government advice in the württembergischen Ministry of the inside (1919 to 1921) was attained a doctorate the lawyer of 29. December 1921 up to 31. May of 1933 mayors of Hanau. At the 1. May 1945 it was used again of the American military government as mayor of Hanau. Already to 5. July 1945 followed the appointment to the mayor of Frankfurt/Main. During its term of office were the center of attention the beginning of the reconstruction, the safety device of the supply of the population and the structure of a functional city administration.

In August 1946 it was subject to the candidate of the SPD, the Düsseldorfer director of upper city and mayor walter Kolb with the mayor elections.

Blaum was short from 1946 to 1962 a president of the poly-technical society in Frankfurt/Main.


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