Briefly Drawert

Kurt Drawert, Lesebühne Darmstadt am 2. März 2005; Foto von Tobias Falberg
briefly Drawert, read stage Darmstadt to 2. March 2005; Photo of Tobias Falberg

briefly Drawert (* 15. March 1956 in Hennigsdorf/Brandenburg) is inGerman writer.

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Drawert is briefly the son of a Kriminalbeamten. It grew on in borrowing village and high new village with Berlin as well as starting from 1967 in Dresden. Since it refused itself already early to the demands of family and society, it could complete training as the skilled worker for electronics, retrieved however later on an evening institute the Abitur . It exercised different auxiliary activities, among other things in a baker's shop, at the post office and as an auxiliary worker in the Saxonian federal state library in Dresden. From 1982 to 1985 it studied at Literaturinstitut Johannes R. Cup in Leipzig, where it had its domicile starting from 1984 also. Since 1986 it is active as free Schiftsteller. it pulled 1993 after Osterholz Scharmbeck with Bremen. A set of journeys abroad followed, among other things to Australia, Brazil and Russia. Since 1996 Drawert in Darmstadt lives.

Briefly Drawert, which up to its withdrawal 1996 the PEN - center of the Federal Republic of Germany belonged and member to the free academy of the arts in Leipzig is, received among other things the following honors: 1989 the Leonce and Lena price, 1992 the promotion price of the Jürgen Ponto donation, 1993 the Lyrikpreis of the city Meran and the Inge borrowing brook man price in complaint ford, 1994 the Uwe John on price, 1995 a mansion Massimo - scholarship, 1997 the Nikolaus Lenau price, 2000 one Arno Schmidt scholarship as well as 2002 the honour gift of the German Schillerstiftung.


  • second stocktaking, Berlin [among other things] 1987
  • private property, Frankfurt/Main 1989
  • mirror country, Frankfurt/Main 1992
  • house without humans, Frankfurt/Main 1993
  • german type, Leipzig 1994
  • everything, Frankfurt/Main is simple 1995
  • in this layer, Rome 1995
  • revolts of the body, Stuttgart 1995
  • area in Rome, Rome 1996 (together with Claudia Meixner)
  • pigeons in localless landscape, Meran 1996
  • where it was, Frankfurt/Main 1996
  • Steinzeit, Frankfurt/Main 1999
  • night. Factories, Vienna 2001
  • journeys in the reverse gear, Zurich [among other things] 2001 (together with Blaise Cendrars)
  • backs of the glory, Frankfurt/Main 2001
  • spring collection, Frankfurt/Main 2002
  • Emma. A way, Vienna 2005 ISBN 3-85449-228-6

publisher shank

  • the warmth, the cold weather of the body of the other one, Berlin [among other things] 1988
  • Karl Krolow: If the heavy courage makes progress, Leipzig 1990
  • at the beginning of the letter, Darmstadt 1998
  • the year 2000 takes place, Frankfurt/Main 2000
  • Michael Krüger: Archives of the doubt, Frankfurt/Main of 2000
  • beginnings, updating, Darmstadt 2001
  • situation layer, Frankfurt/Main 2001
  • Fritz Deppert: Lost-clothings, Darmstadt of 2002
  • continued print attempts, first successes, Darmstadt 2003
  • each day is too long, Darmstadt 2004
  • who ore wants, must deeply in the lug, Darmstadt 2005


  • Carsten Jopp: Mirror image of the Unentrinnbarkeit, mountains 1998
  • Gizela Kurpanik Malinowska: “The article of thinking is been the world of the fathers…”, Czestochowa, 2003

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