Briefly Frick

Prof. Kurt Frick
Professor. Briefly Frick

Professor. Briefly Frick (* 16. November 1884 in king mountain; † 1963 in bath realm-resound) belonged to the most important architects of the province East Prussia.


the family Frick has its roots actually in East Frisia, moved however in 17. Century to East Prussia out. Frick originates from simple conditions and visited in king mountain the six-form high school. Subsequently, it completed bricklayer teachings, which it locked likewise successfully with its associating examination.

After its training conclusion Frick still began a study at the higher national institute for high and foundation engineering in its father city in the same year. Finally he became in Berlin pupil of the architect Hermann Muthesius, which promoted him after all forces.

Frick spent its military service 1908 /09 as a one year's einjährig-Freiwilliger in the artillery regiment of Lingger in king mountain. By the Fürsprache of Mutzhesius one appointed Frick into the garden city Hellerau with Dresden. Here Frick drew Dresden Seidnitz also responsible for the quarter. Starting from 1912 Frick was there in Dresden active as an independent architect.

1914 it announced voluntarily to the military, became 1915 with a heavy nerve suffering as serve unable to however already dismiss. After the war one appointed Frick the district architect of the national building advisory board Stallupoenen Schirwindt. As such it was considerably responsible at the reconstruction of the province East Prussia. Special attention had Frick here on the city Schirwindt destroyed perfectly in the war.

1919 established itself Frick in king mountain as an independent architect. 1931 it became member in the combat federation of the German architects and engineers. These connections probably brought it with itself that it became to already appoint in the following year as the area leader of the KDAI in East Prussia. In the October of the same yearly Frick transferred honorary the line of the national master studio of the forming arts at the academy of arts to king mountain. With the assumption of this office Frick was appointed the professor.

Starting from December 1933 one entrusted Frick with the line of the national place East Prussia of the realm chamber of the forming arts. Here it was responsible for national building projects in completely East Prussia; e.g. for for the broadcast building in king mountain.

1943 war-causes the master studio closed and in January 1945 fled Frick then from its hometown after Bavaria. There he could already find an employment starting from 1946 as agriculture masters.

At the age of 79 years Professor died. Frick briefly 1963 in bath realm-resound.


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