Briefly Graunke

briefly Graunke (* 20. September 1915 in Stettin; † 5. June 2005 in Munich) was a German composer and conductor as well as a founder and a director/conductor of the symphony orchestra Graunke, which was renamed 1990 in resident of Munich Symphoniker.


already as a twelve-year-old boy learned Graunke violin to play briefly and became 1933 in Stettin of second concert masters at the urban orchestra. After a study at the citizens of Berlin university for music, which he locked with best notes, Graunke still undertook first tours during the war as Violinsolist. Over peppering castle he finally came into the ausgebombte Munich, where he with by him created the orchestra already to 25. September 1945 a charity concert in favor of the Bavarian red cross specified. In the following year was to be heard the orchestra with radio Munich. Since 1949 the symphony orchestra Graunke arose regularly publicly.

In addition Graunke went as a composer into action. He wrote nine symphonies in the traditional style, a Violinkonzert, a song cycle and smaller orchestra works. The edition Sedina created by it published two collect CDs with its works. Its symphonies likewise appeared on CD and over the edition available.

The symphony orchestra became in the course of the years also an outstanding ensemble for bringing in of film music, thus and. A. for Rainer Werner of barrel binder Querelle (1982) or the silence of the lambs (The Silence OF the Lambs, 1991). In English the orchestra called itself Graunke Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra, which consists firmly of 60 employees musicians, brought more than 500 TRACKs of sound of film in. The orchestra made itself a name also by co-operation with important Gesangssolisten such as Montserrat Caballé, Siegfried Jerusalem, Hermann Prey or Plácido Domingo.

Up to its 76. Lebensjahr was Graunke as a wheel sportsman actively and participated even in the senior Worldcup. Until 1989 Graunke led the orchestra created by it, then took over Christoph quilt the conductor staff. Since 1999 is Heiko Mathias Förster principal conductor.

Briefly before its 90. Birthday died Graunke and became to 9. June 2005 buried at the resident of Munich forest cemetery.

works (excerpt)

  • Symphonie No. 1 „the homeland “- version for symphony orchestras and choir
  • Symphonie No. 2
  • Symphonie No. 3
  • Symphonie No. 4
  • Symphonie No. 5
  • Symphonie No. 6
  • Symphonie No. 7
  • Symphonie No. 8
  • Symphonie No. 9
  • „Ariette “- version for symphony orchestra
  • concert for violin and orchestra
  • caper quartet
  • Bläserquintett

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