Briefly half knights

briefly half knights (* 22. September 1924 in Frankfurt/Main; † 21. May 1978) was a German sow-Irish draughtsman and caricaturist.

After it had locked training before, it visited 1948 to 1952 those Work art school in open brook. Since 1954 he worked as Illustrator and an author. He attained admittingness by caricatures in the satire magazine pardon and in the FAZ. It became with the Joseph Drexel price and the price of the Zille - donation distinguished.


  • Adolf Hitler my fight (1968)
  • half knight animal and plant world (1975), Goldmann, ISBN 3442086302
  • everyone has the right (1976)
  • half knight weapon arsenal (1977), Hanser, 3. Aufl. 1985, ISBN 3446124241
  • of half knight book of the discoveries (1980), from the deduction given change of Robert Gernhardt

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