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briefly cook (* 15. March 1950 in Emmenbrücke (LU)) 7 is since that. December 1995 bishop in the diocese Basel.

personal record

cook studied theology in Munich and Luzern and 1975 was diplomiert. First he worked as a layman theologian in Sursee. To 20. It received the Priesterweihe to June 1982 and worked thereupon three years as Vikar in the Pfarrei pc. Marien in Berne. After it had become 1986 lecturer in dogma TIC and moral theology at Katecheti Institut in Luzern, one attained a doctorate to 1987 and habilitierte themselves 1989.

Large attention reaches cook into Swiss media by the conflict with Franz Sabo, which works as a minister in Röschenz in the canton Basel country and itself in the media since 2003 critically to cook and its office guidance expresses.


cook has works from 1979 (courage of the faith, 1979. Imba publishing house, Freiburg i. And) until 2005 (Eucharistie, 2005. Paulus publishing house, Freiburg i. U) over 60 books and writings writes.

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