Briefly Sobotka

briefly Sobotka (* 9. March 1930 in Vienna) is a Austrian actor, Kabarettist, a director and an author.

1948 debütierte Sobotka at the city theatre Steyr, afterwards he played at Viennese cellar stages, at the theatre in the Josefstadt as well as in Hamburg and Zurich. With Helmut Qualtinger and Gerhard Bronner he played Kabarett at the Kärntnertortheater and 1974 to 1981 at the Simpl in Vienna.

Since 1981 Sobotka is ensemble member of the theatre in the Josefstadt. Sobotka is very popular by its numerous TV-appearances (400). Each Sunday is he in Ö1 in the “Guglhupf “to be heard.

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