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briefly Thomas, actually George Hugo briefly Thomas, (* 25. May 1904 in Tönning; † 31. March 1973 in bath Oeynhausen) was a German composer, choir paedagogue and a choir leader.

To 21. April 1922 it became for the fan jurisprudence and Music at the University of Leipzig under the number 650 registers. It terminated its study 1925 and worked as a lecturer on the conservatoire in Leipzig. From 1934 to 1939 it worked as a professor at the college of music Berlin, from 1939 to 1945 was it a director of the Musi High School in Frankfurt/Main. Among his pupils the composers Alfreds Koerppen and Siegfried straw brook ranked. From 1947 to 1955 he was a professor in Detmold, besides further from 1945 to 1956 Kantor at the three-king church in Frankfurt/Main. In Detmoldstudied with him under others the composers Manfred intelligent one and Gerd Zacher directing and choir line.

In the year 1956 Thomas was appointed briefly as the Thomaskantor to Leipzig.

In the year 1960 Thomas's Leipzig left - thus it was for centuries first, that the Thomaskantorat in favor of onegave up to other place - and went to Cologne, where he led the choir concerts of the brook association to 1965. Since 1965 it worked as a professor in Luebeck.

As a composer briefly Thomas became particularly with choir works admits (fair in A-Moll, 1924; Markuspassion,1927). Its kompositorisches work applies for abendländischer history in connection with the clay/tone language of the Impressionismus in its back meditation on the inheritance as away-preparing to the Evangelist church music 20. Century.

Thomas is briefly the author of a three-restrained text book of the choir line, which despite numerous lackagain one presented, since 1991 however in supplemental and revised form. Thomas did not control the elementary knowledge of the musical acoustics. It held the wrong opinion, the pure third is higher than the third kept at a moderate temperature of the Klavieres. This mistake became from its pupils into the followingChoir leader generation more far-reaching. In some linguistic expressions a Thomas's points certain proximity to Sprachkonstrukten of the LV epoch. And. A. called it certain choir singers “humanly unfit material” and speaks it of “extermination” it unpopular methods.

Thomas' role is disputed during the time of the national socialism. Particularlyin the view of his position as a director of the Musi High School in Frankfurt/Main (1939-1945), which as elite school and presenting project of the Nazis applied, it today the proximity to the SS one accuses. From this reason 2004 became the designation of a sample hall in the new house of the choirsin Frankfurt as well as the mounting of an intending plaque at the Frankfurt three-king church first prevents. The role of briefly Thomas in the 3. Richly is not at present finally clarified.

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