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Benno briefly Wehlte (* 11. May 1897 in Dresden; † 10. April 1973 in Stuttgart), professor at the academies of arts Dresden, Berlin, Karlsruhe and Stuttgart worked as painters, teacher of the mark technology as well as restorer and justified the procedure of the times-technical x-ray examinations.

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lives and work

after the general education hit briefly Wehlte first the architect career and changed to it on the academy of the forming arts in Dresden and late Munich. There it studied and. A. Mark technology with max of Doerner. Returned to Dresden it closed 1923 the marriage with Christine Pleissner (1899-1990). In the four following years one daughter as well as two sons saw the light of the world.

Starting from 1925 he worked as times-technical teachers on the academy of arts Dresden and created a times-technical laboratory. On behalf the Harvard University it accomplished starting from 1928 first times-times x-ray examinations at German museums. It is considered world-wide as a pioneer of this Roentgen technology in the mark technology. 1930 it was appointed to the master school of the German handicraft after Berlin Charlottenburg and 1933 with recommendation by max of Slevogt as a professor to the national university for screen end of arts Berlin. There it created the lehr and attempt workshops for mark technology and furnished a national radiograph place for painting investigation. From now on he worked additionally as scientific consultants in Europe and all world, judicially sworn experts and technical expert during many counterfeiter processes, as well as author of specialized books and in technical periodicals.

1947 it was active as an expert at the Courtauld institute of the University of London. it created 1949 at the academy of the forming arts Stuttgart Institut for technology of the painting, additionally as a professor to the academy of the forming arts to Karlsruhe was appointed and furnished a training class for painting restorers at the academy of arts in Stuttgart. As the first in Germany it placed young student systematic and founded training in this area. 1953 followed at the academy of arts Stuttgart the appointment as the professor. Its crucial co-operation at that van Gogh - counterfeiter process, which Malskat process and clarifying Stuttgart rem Brandt - case announced it world-wide.

Starting from 1963 he dedicated himself „materials and techniques of the painting to the publication of the comprehensive and trailblazing standard work “. It always connected the artistic with the view of the practical man, grasped numerous subjects from each other defined and was characterised by most extensive detail knowledge. Like that it was always in demand with numerous artists as advisors.

Short Wehlte archives are furnished at present at the academy of the forming arts in Dresden.


  • Ölgemälde, water colors, lithographies, erasures
  • briefly Wehlte: Oil painting, Dresden 1929
  • briefly Wehlte: Wandmalerei, Berlin 1938
  • briefly Wehlte: Temperamalerei, Berlin 1940
  • briefly Wehlte: Marks with water colors, Stuttgart 1950
  • briefly Wehlte: Materials and techniques of the painting, Otto Maier publishing house, Ravensburg 1967, ISBN 3-473-48359-1 (in former times: ISBN 3-473-61157-3)


  • Helgo Alexander Pohle, professor briefly Wehlte - 75 years lives and working. In: Restauro 02/1972

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