Kyla Cole

Kyla Cole (* 10. November 1978 in Ostrovany with Prešov; , actual name: Martina Jacová) is a slowakisches model, Modedesignerin and a Pornodarstellerin.

Kyla Cole originally studied mode Design and pulled at the age from 19 years to Prague. It took first photographs already here as photo model. After the collapse of communism it made itself soon on the way into the USA. It started its career as Glamour - Model in the year 1999 and obtained already in March 2000 one of their largest successes, by being selected as a first Slovak to the “ Penthouse Pet OF the month ". Since then it completed hundreds of appearances., among them some on the title pages of over 30 the most important Erotikmagazine of the world, among them Cheri and Oui. In the year 2000 it participated in the photo photographs to the feature Olympia 2000 in US Playboy .

Their final popularity provided it the old master of the luxuriösen Pornofilms Andrew Blake into blond one and of brunettes, exhibitionist 2001 and The mansion 2002. Worth mentioning also their co-operation is in the Penthouse - production Pets into paradise 2001. Kyla Cole rejects it however to participate in hard core photographs.

From August 2003 until April 2004 it returned to the Slowakei, in order to moderate there the weekly show Laskanie of the largest slowakischen private station Markiza.

At present it engages itself for an orphanage in Sarisske Michalany, Slowakei, a city lain beside their place of birth.

Kyla Cole can select itself their commitments since longer and is considered at present than one the most expensive Erotikmodelle of the world. It lives today in Prague.

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ef: The German volume „passing notes “wrote a Song over you. Do you know further musicians or man of letters, who set a monument for you?

Cole: Yes, there there is for example a slowakische group of skirts. But there are also innumerable poets, who write verses over me.

appearances (selection)

  • 1999: Beginning of career as Glamour model.
  • March 2000: First slovakisches Pet OF the Month in the US-Penthouse.
  • 2000: Co-operation in a photo series of Olympic Games for the US-Playboy.
  • 2000 - 2004: Countless appearances in erotism - magazines, often as eyecatcher on the Cover
  • September 2002: Layout for the Czech Playboy.

honors and prices


  • 2001 - 2002: 3x Andrew Blake.
  • 2001: 1x Penthouse video.
  • Soft Erotik-tie-clip for different companies

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