László Moholy Nagy

László Moholy Nagy (* 20. July 1895 in Bácsborsód, Hungary; † 24. November 1946 in Chicago) was a painter, a designer and a photographer.


László Moholy Nagy busy itself since 1918 with painting (before it law studies from 1913 to1918).it moved to 1919 to Vienna, 1920 to Berlin. 1922 took place the first single exhibition in the gallery “the storm” in Berlin. 1921 he married Lucia Moholy (geb. Schulz).

Moholy Nagy became 1923 as a successor of Johannes Itten form master of the metal workshop and leader of theVorkurses at the building house in Weimar. He taught there and later in Dessau until 1928. Moholy Nagy was one of the most important teachers at the building house; he was an assistant of walter Gropius and was occupied beside it with typographic drafts and photography. Since 1924 was it togetherwith Gropius publisher of the building house books.

After its way course of the building house 1928 it created its own studio in Berlin. 1933 began co-operation with the publicity department of the Jenaer of glass work bulkhead & gene. From 1933 to 1937 Moholy Nagy created a perfectly new advertisement for of William car field arranged housekeeping glass of the enterprise.

Er emigrierte ein Jahr nach Hitlers Machtergreifung zunächst nach Amsterdam, dann nach England (1935-37) und später in die USA, wo er das New Bauhaus in Chicago gründete und leitete. 1938 [غرندت] آ قالب“School OF Design “.


László Moholy Nagy busy with nichtgegenständlicher painting, affects itself of Kasimir Malewitsch. In its citizen of Berlin studio it maintained contact too briefly Schwitters, Theo van Doesburg, and Lazlar El Lissitzky. Its work as diagram designerswas strong from De Stijl movement, who constructionalism and the Merzkunst affect.

Arranging and advisory united it the aesthetic demands of the building house with the conditions and mechanisms of the product advertising. The “Jenaer glass “became the epitome of modern goods culture. Moholy Nagy created ungegenständlich konstruktivistische plastics, paintings,Photographies and diagrams.

Its telephone pictures of the 1920er years can be interpreted as early work of the media art.

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