Lída Baarová

Lída Baarová
Lída Baarová

Lída Baarová (* 14. September 1914 as Ludmila Babková in Prague, † 27. October 2000 in Salzburg) was a Czech actress and loving of Joseph Goebbels.


after its training at the play conservatoire in Prague turned it with 17 years their first film. 1934 were engaged it of the Ufa and turned 1935 “Barcarole”. The male main role in this production played Gustav merry, with which Baarová was associated; they inhabited together a house on the peninsula Schwanenwerder in Berlin. Further films (“a too much on board” (1935) followed, “traitors” (1936), “Patrioten” (1937) and “the bat” (1937) and commitment at the German theatre and at the people stage. Although Baarová had been imported of the German film industry as an exotic Vamp, she embodied such women, who were exceptionally attractive and radiated with its easy accent also a breath of heterogeneity one, until 1938 usually then however as accessible, dear and even a little shyly proven and in the reason nothing else of the life wanted as of the man of her heart to be married.

After it was met Joseph Goebbels, a violent dear affair between both, which admits also publicly became, developed. Goebbels was ready to be able to be separated because of Baarová. Only on operation of Magda Goebbels terminated a call to order of Hitler the relationship. Baarová received thereafter no more commitments in Germany. Its 1938 turned film Prussian dear history (with Willy Fritsch) performance prohibition received and only to 1950 under the titles dear legend in West Germany was shown.

1938 went to Baarová again into Czechoslovakia and later to Italy, could not gain however in the Filmbranche any longer a foothold correctly. 1956 had it separated from its married man January Kopecky and played themselves theatres in Austria and Germany.

1958 married it briefly in Salzburg the Swedish professor Lundwall, with which she led a lucky marriage, until its man died 1980. Lída Baarová spent the remaining twenty years of its life lonely in Salzburg.


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