Lößnitzgrundbahn im Bahnhof Radebeul Ost
Lössnitzgrundbahn in the station Radebeul east

the Lössnitzgrundbahn (also “Lössnitzdackel “mentioned) is one of the last still existing narrow-gauge railways in Germany, on which in the everyday life enterprise steam engines with the track width are used by 750 mm.

It drives daily from Radebeul over Moritzburg to wheel castle. Regularly tradition travels take place for specific occasions, during which passengers with historical uniforms and costumes ride along.

Wheel castle should first by the line Dresden - local edge to the Eisenbahnnetz to be attached. Since this distance was not built however, there was the suggestion on the part of the Saxonian government 1881 to establish a narrow-gauge railway from Radebeul to wheel castle. Already in October 1883 with the building one began. The distance became to 16. September 1884 as 4. Saxonian narrow-gauge railway open and is with 11 stations 16.5 km long.

Lok 99 1761-8 der Lößnitzgrundbahn in Moritzburg
Locomotive 99 1761-8 the Lössnitzgrundbahn in Moritzburg
over the German National Railroad of the GDR came the Lössnitzgrundbahn in the year 1994 into the possession of the German course AG. In the station Radebeul east came in it so regularly for contrastful meeting between steam locomotives and ICE courses and the same company. Up to the assumption of the narrow-gauge railway by a private enterprise from the ore mountains the Lössnitzgrundbahn was the last distance of the railways AG with daily steam locomotive employment.

Since that 11. June 2004 belongs the Lössnitzdackel to the BVO course GmbH, which operates also the Fichtelbergbahn and the white cutting valley course.

The critical points of the distance:

the railroad line leads among other things by the Lössnitzgrund and on a dam by the Dippelsdorfer pond.


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