Lúcio (Lucimar there Silva Ferreira) (* 8. May 1978 in Brasília, Brazil) is a Brazilian football player.

Lucio began with the Planaltina EC with the soccer game. Over the Clube Regatas Guara he came 1998 to the sport club Internacional. In January 2001 it changed to the TSV Bavarian 04 Leverkusen into the soccer federal league. it went to 2004 to the fiber plastic Bavaria Munich. The interior defender ranks among the best defenders of the world. It is considered as an uncommonly ambitious player with an enormous victory will. Its speed raids from the own half are particularly feared, with which it übersprintet well and gladly times 6 players. It controls it perfectly to connect defensive with offensive and is considered thereby as prototype of the modern defender.

For the Brazilian national soccer team it played so far 48 times (conditions: 02. February 2006) .

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largest successes

  • German masters 2005 (with Bavaria Munich)
  • DFB Cup winner 2005 and 2006 (with Bavaria Munich)
  • league Cup winner 2004 (with Bavaria Munich)
  • world champion 2002 (with Brazil)


Lúcios of federal league plays

(conditions 15. September 2005)

Lúcios of federal league gates

(conditions 15. September 2005)

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