Lüttich: Brunnen auf dem Place du Marché
Lüttich: Well on the Place you Marché

Lüttich (French Liège, wallonisch Lîdje, Netherlands Luik) is the cultural center of the Belgian region (= Land of the Federal Republic) Wallonie, capital of the province and the diocese of the same name Lüttich. As city alsoTo 185,574 inhabitants (2005) Lüttich is because of the confluence of Ourthe and Maas near the cities Maastricht in the Netherlands and Aachen in Germany.

In Lüttich different further universities, the catholic bishop seat, theatre, opera beside a considerable university (Opéra are de Wallonie) and other cultural mechanisms. The flair, which radiates the city in the summer, is considered as mediterran.

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Place du Marché - Gesamtansicht
Placeyou Marché - total view

the name at present the Romans was “Leodicum” and/or. “Vicus Leodicus” (the assumption that the name was “Legia” - phonetically related to Liège - is considered today as outdated). the city developed 717 as bishop seat andan important political and cultural center was in the Middle Ages.

The rulers (see list) of the prince diocese Lüttich came of usually the German high aristocracy (German knight medal). Lüttich had the largest cathedral chapter in the German Reich (HRR). While the French revolution becamethose the Hl.Lambertus, the first bishop von Lüttich, geweihte cathedral geplündert and down-burned. (Contemporary passes see Commons)

1888 to 1892 take place the development to the fortress. Both in the First World War and in the Second World War Lüttich was hardcontests.

economics and traffic

Lüttich were already at the end 18. Century the cradle for coal and steel industry (Cockerill Sambre) on the European mainland. From here the industrialization spread over the entire continent.Weapon production was since that 16. Century domestic and is continued up to the today's day in the enterprise FN. In addition numerous industrial companies are, among other things a world-well-known large brewery with the label name Jupiler in the meantime belonged to the brewery company the Interbrew in Lüttich.

Lüttich has the third biggest inland port of the world, which has a connection by the connection over the Albert channel even for smaller sea-going vessels to the port of Antwerp.

At present the new station is adapted to the conditions of the high-speed courses, which the metropolises Frankfurt/Main, Brussels, Paris, Lyon, Geneva, Marseille and London to connect are. The city is likewise an important railway junction for the goods traffic with the marshalling yard Kinkempois. Lüttich has a exzellente motorway binding to the European motorway net.

The freight airport beer set is of great importance for the distribution from goods to Belgium, Germany, north France and the Netherlands.

objects of interest

scrap view of the Maasstadt
Lüttich: Treppe Montagne de Bueren
Lüttich: Stairs Montagne de Bueren
  • the Roman churches Saint Barthélemy and Saint Denis
  • cathedral Saint Paul(gothical) with angeliedertem museum of the church treasure
  • the gothical church pc. Martin.
  • The fürstbischöfliche palace (today Provinzialpalast and court)
  • the city hall from the years 1714 - 1718 in the style of the baroque
  • the town hall square
  • of the Place pc. Lambert
  • the Curtiushaus (museum) outat the beginning 17. Century
  • university University of
  • the aquarium
  • numerous museums
  • numerous buildings of splendors from that 18. Jhdt.
  • Each Sunday taking place market, that over several kilometers along the left Maaskaies extends (Marché de la Batte)

partnerships between cities

Lüttichmaintains partnerships between cities with:

considerable Lütticher


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coordinates: 50° 39 ' 02 " N, 5° 34 ' 0 " O

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